Monday, January 27, 2014

Like Loungewear But Cuter (II) // Remixing Challenge

Remember my 'Like Loungewear But Cuter (I)' post from earlier in the month? Well the remix made a very similar outfit work, but it has a totally different feel with a cream colored sweatshirt! What do you think? 

I love them both, and they both make another outfit with dark denim skinnies! :)  To vary them even more I like to switch the pink necklace for a vintage mint ombre one!

These combos are so wonderful because they keep me warm and cozy, but I still feel pulled together. Minimal effort, warm and comfy are all preschool pre-requisites! 

Sweatshirt: Aerie, $40 -old
Pink Jeans: JCP, $15 -sale price
Necklace: Francesca's $26 -old
Flats: Target, $22 -old
Cocktail Ring: Salvation Army, $3 -Vintage

Total: $106

Duchess is getting better at her photobombs... :) 

I really needed new flats, these are super comfy, and I love how the studs divide the toe of the shoe! Such a simple detail but it makes it feel so much more special! :) Plus, the price was right!!

I love hot pink with this light cream. But this sweatshirt goes with everything from dark denim to teal skinnies! So versatile. 


This ring has got to be one of my favorites that I got during my Salvation Army hauls! So pretty!

With dark jeans... pardon my power cord... ;) 

Days are so much happier when you are comfy!

What do you think of these outfits? Which do you like best?

How do you wear dressy sweatshirts?

Have you ever hit the vintage costume jewelry jackpot?

All for Now,


My second remix outfit can be found here.


  1. Love your pink pants! I need to get myself some colorful jeans and break out of the neutrals! Speaking of the word pants - did you know that the British consider pants to be underwear? I guess it's hilariously funny for them to hear Americans use the word pants in the context we use it in. Sorry, random fact - just found it out the other day and it blew my mind, haha! Very pretty photos! :)

  2. Brittany: That's so funny! I knew that but never thought about it too much. It makes me laugh that its so funny for them! I love colored denim! I have pink, forest green, brown, teal and now red (which I haven't worn yet!) excited though because it works so well with white, cream, gray and black which I have TONS of :)

    Nina: Thank you! It is definitely comfy! :)

  3. LOVE those pink pants and your amazing collage wall! :D

    <3 danielle

  4. Thanks Danielle! I am having so much fun with the remixing! :) We finished the collage wall right before Christmas and it's just the way I wanted it. Funny how things just come together sometimes huh? ;) -Alexandra

  5. Oh I adore your jewelry here. That necklace is so gorgeous! Also, can we talk about your gallery wall for a second? It is AMAZING.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. You hit the thrift store jackpot with that cute cocktail ring, love it!

  7. Becca: Thank you so much! I'm finally getting back into finding jewelry that I'm excited about :) And I am SO excited about the gallery wall! Worked several days on it, and love all but one picture that's in a frame... I'm hoping to do a post about it soon so check back! :)

    Sarah: Thank you! I loovvveee it! Plus $3 vintage adorable jewelry is the very best kind. ;)

    Thanks for reading guys!



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