Thursday, September 4, 2014

Simply Summer Mix

There are still nineteen days left of summer.
Throughout the summer I've been crafting this little mix on Spotify, and I wanted to share it with you all. Listen to it here.

It's a mix of indie, alternative, pop and folksy songs that I've really been loving this season. Some older ones, some new ones, a bunch that I can't stop listening to... :)

For once I'm really wanting to savor the bit of summer that's left and these songs keep me feeling happy and content, especially during days at the office.

What are your favorite tracks this summer?

Let me know what you think of these songs. :) 

How gorgeous is the video for Hothouse?!?!




  1. I love the list of songs! I have listened to most of the songs but I took the time to listen to the ones I hadn't listened to before. I also wanted to tell you that I think your blog looks great! I love the header.

    XO, The Helianthus

  2. Thank you!! I had been wanting to redesign it for quite a while, and was really happy with this! :) It's fun to develop new skills. Glad you liked the playlist. Find any new ones you liked? I love your redesign as well! XO-Alexandra

  3. Awww, so glad to hear it!! :) Must take a listen.

  4. This is a fun mix! It feels like summer is definitely over here. The leaves are orange and it's getting chilly! I'm not very good at listening to summery songs but I love Lana Del Rey's most recent album. I love the Jack White and Beck that you picked out! xx

  5. Thanks Jess. Here the weather is back and forth like always. Kansas weather is both extreme and bipolar... : / I am ready for fall though :) I think that might be why I like these songs, because they are still kind of low-key, but happy. Melodic but not too high energy (for the most part). I especially love the 78violet and jack and white. But haha I suppose I love them all since I made the mix. XO


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