Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Anne With An 'E' // Reading the Classics

Much like The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is a book that my mom always wanted me to read as a kid. I don't know if it is because she loved the book, or because her middle name was "Anne with an 'E'" as well ... but I never got around to reading it as a kid.

FINALLY in 2014 I read it, and I can honestly say that it was one of the cutest books I've ever read. I loved every page of it.

Anne of Green Gables is about a young orphan girl who is adopted by a middle aged woman named Marilla and her brother Matthew. They were hoping for a young man to help on the farm and with the house, but instead they get Anne. Anne is imaginative, red-headed, and very romantic. She's always coming up with dreamy names for things, and giving everyone and everything some sort of very dramatic backstory. Not quite what Marilla and Matthew had in mind.

Most of the book chronicles Anne's adventures at Green Gables and in Avonlea. Some of which are make believe, and others of which are real. She always seems to be letting her imagination run away with her, often resulting in hi jinx. Much of it is also centered around Anne's friendship with Dianna, another little girl who gets swept away in stories. Then of course there is Gilbert, who mercilessly teases Anne about her hair, calling her "carrots". Let's just say, Anne knows how to hold a grudge.

I felt like I could absolutely relate to Anne as a character. I always felt awkward, gawky, and ugly as a kid, so I too took everything very personally. I also, had an avid imagination, and a flair for the dramatic. I was always inventing some kind of romantic story in my head. I still do this. :) Though, I am decidedly less dramatic than I was at the age of 10. - probably good, right?

I found myself laughing to the point of tears while reading situations in the book where Anne is particularly worked up, because I can 100% imagine the situation and identify with it. It was excellent fun to read.

Again, like with The Secret Garden, I loved all of the flowery descriptions in the books. It probably helps that a lot of the natural elements are personified as if Anne were describing them, they were even more imaginative than the ones in The Secret Garden.

I also have to appreciate a book that leaves you feeling happy, leaves you feeling hopeful about the world and the people in it. It's very wholesome and cheery. Sometimes you just need that, you know?

I can't wait to someday read the rest of the books, I can only imagine that I will love them just as well, and enjoy reading the rest of Anne's story.

It also makes me want to go back to the Maritimes more than ever, and make to to PEI this time.

Have you read Anne of Green Gables? What did you think?

Have you read a book, where you felt you were exactly that character at one time or another?

Happy Reading!



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