Thursday, December 10, 2015

KC & I's Favorite Christmas Movies / #alltheChristmasmovies Week

#alltheChristmasmovies week keeps on going with KC & I's favorites! Also being posted today, our Christmas Movie Bucket List... you won't believe some of the ones I haven't seen... !

Here is a list of our three favorites each. Funny 2/3 are the same.... :)


The Santa Clause

So classic. This '90's kid loves The Santa Clause. Papa Giggo!

Love Actually

The classic, non-traditional pick. It's not too funny or too serious. A really great movie. Poor Karl. : /

The Holiday

Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black. Plus adorable British children and cute old men. What's there not to love?!


The Holiday

KC loves this one. He cracks up, especially at this part with Jack Black. Sometimes we scroodle-do songs. Yes, really.


I mentioned Scrooged before, but this is a KC classic. He loves Bill Murray movies in general... which I have barely seen any of. This one is still one of his favorite Christmas movies. I'm trying really hard to like it. ;)

Love Actually

We have an annual Love Actually & Hotschnappslate night. It's awesome. I think KC appreciates the British humor in this one. It's hard not to. :)

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Which are your all time favorites?



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