Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4 Years Married // 9 Years Together

Back on Dec. 31st, KC and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and a few days later it was our "dating" anniversary. Wow, 9 years!

We went to IKEA to look at new beds, and spent the evening at home watching movies and hanging out. :) We don't usually splurge on anniversary dates or fancy gifts, and that's ok with us. :)

This year we had the special opportunity to do a photo shoot with the INCREDIBLE Jennie Karges of Jennie Karges Photography while we were in Arizona! We met in a small business group online and we were just crazy about each other's work! I owe her some prints for her home... but this swap ended up being the greatest gift we could have asked for.

We've never done an official photo shoot together, not even for our engagement! So, this was just the very sweetest gesture, and I'm sure she had no idea how much it touched my heart for her to offer it. Thank you so much Jennie!

We were running a little behind, and we'd been up since 2 am.... we were so worried we would lose all of the light as the sun was setting, but it turns out we ended up with the most beautiful light. It just saturated the whole area we were in. It was a really hard year for us, and I am so grateful she was able to capture some light and hopeful moments to bring that into focus. This is us right now. This is where we are. This is how lucky we feel. Even with all of the hard stuff. :)

It should be noted that a lot of "who I am" is a big spaz and KC makes me laugh so much. It's just real life us. :)

If you live in Phoenix, or ever go to Phoenix, I highly recommend her! She's so fun and easy to work with. She's obviously GREAT at what she does, she chose the perfect time and place to take these photos, and she made us feel so comfortable doing the shoot. Thank you so much for your sweet gift to us Jennie! Find her here.

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