Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Snapshots of San Francisco // Cruffins, Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mission

I hope you guys are keeping cool. I am so over summer. #truth - but... on we go. Here's another San Francisco post!

On this day of our trip we went back to Golden Gate Park to the Conservatory of Flowers, visited The Golden Gate Bridge, and went to the Mission District. Oh yeah, and we tried the famous cruffins.

Eat: We started the morning at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse - home of the famous "cruffin". We didn't know much about it, but it sounded like croissant + muffin and can you really go wrong with that? Well... sort of. We got pastries to start because you have to wait in line for the cruffins. If you get a sticker then you are guaranteed a cruffin. The pastries were really lovely, and the branding was really cute. We waited for our cruffins, the flavor of the day was Matcha Marshmallow. Which is a little out there but we decided to stay in line. We got our cruffin, took a few photos, and then started to eat it. It was filled with matcha flavored pudding. Neither of us likes filled donuts at all... so that was a bummer! We're really glad we only got one, as we ate some of it and then got rid of it. Turns out KC doesn't like matcha. And I just can't even with pudding ever. Oh well, glad we tried it and the pastries were great. This was another strange day where we didn't really eat lunch but had an early dinner. We had our dinner in Mission at a great Mexican place called La Taqueria. It is rated as some of the best Mexican food in the city. It doesn't look like much, it's small and it's busy, but holy cow were our burritos good! :) We ended the night outside of the city to visit our friends who live there. We got Pinkberry, which is always fun because we don't have them here. I tried the coconut ice cream which was really good and refreshing. :) 

See: The street art near Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. The Conservatory of Flowers - a gorgeous greenhouse that was opened in 1879. It survived earthquakes and fires, and it's the oldest glass and wood greenhouse in the United States. It was so gorgeous, and worth the tiny $8 fee to see it. It's very very hot in there... but it's so lovely. We had not been to a greenhouse like this before and would definitely recommend it! It was in Golden Gate Park - not at all close to The Japanese Garden or DeYoung we visited on a different day. The Golden Gate Bridge was another  stop for us on this day. We didn't cross the bridge, but loved seeing it up close! We also went to Mission and saw Mission Dolores, it's a Spanish Mission that was dedicated in 1776 - making it the oldest building in the city of San Francisco. It was absolutely gorgeous. The architecture, cemetery, gardens, etc. etc. were so beautiful. It closed early in the day, but we made it before closing and I am really glad that we did! It was only $5 per person, and so worth it. I am not Catholic, but I love to see these beautiful historic structures. :) 

Shop: We did not do a lot of shopping on this day (or any) in San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge and Mission Dolores both had gift shops which we found a few souvenirs in. I think that Mission was my favorite part of the city, and should we go back we would probably spend a lot more time there. I think that there was probably some cool shopping in that area that we missed.

Do: The Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mission Dolores.

Favorites: The Conservatory of Flowers, The Mission & Mission District, the food at LaTaqueria, seeing our friends Mariana and Eric! :) 

New Experiences: Visiting a Mission, Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, and any large bridge really... visiting a conservatory or large greenhouse! 

Random Tip: We did The MUNI passes in SF. We purchased them at a Walgreens near our hotel. They were $40 each with unlimited (bus, cable car, trolley, etc.) rides for 7 days. (does not include BART or anything that reaches outside the city) No one ever checked them, but it was cheaper than paying each time. After all the cable car is $6 each way!

Have you been to San Francisco?

Have you ever been on a trip and wished you would have spent more time in a given district?

Do you like filled donuts?

Happy Travels!


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