Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Snapshots of California // Brazilian BBQ, Google, and Stanford

I hope you are having a great week! :) Today I am posting about California again!

After we were done in SF we went south of the city to meet up with our lovely Brazilian friends Mariana and Eric. Mari and I met when I was a sophomore in high school and she was an exchange student! She came to our wedding (and Eric caught the garter.. :P ) and we were SO glad to FINALLY get to visit them in California! (TEN YEARS AFTER MEETING! Holy cow! :P) We spent some time touring through the area, and catching up. On this day we did a Brazilian BBQ (KC said he "was in his element"), visited Google, Stanford, and an upscale shopping center.

Eat: Mari and Eric really wanted to take us to a Brazilian Barbecue - and wanted to go themselves... :P - so we went to one called Taurinus in San Jose. It was SO good. Mari and Eric will give the advice not to try the salad, sides, etc. etc. so you can save room for the meat! That's the main event. KC was in heaven! I'm not a meat lover, but it was really fun to try something different and so expertly prepared. Yum. Definitely worth it. My favorite though was the rice with bean stew pictured above. I love the Before and After pictures. hehe

See: Google, Stanford, Stanford Shopping Center.

Shop: We visited the Stanford Shopping Center while we were in Palo Alto. It was a really lovely area with tons of upscale shops ranging from Banana Republic to Kate Spade and Tesla. We were pretty tired but did enjoy walking around. There was lovely landscaping. We also tried Sprinkles for the first time there! :)

Do: See the grounds at Google and ride the bikes if you want. Walk the Stanford Campus (it's beautiful!). Shop and eat. Take the time for the Brazilian Barbecue in San Jose!

Favorites: Definitely trying Brazilian Barbecue with Mari and Eric was fun. They knew so much about what we were having and how it worked, it was very fun to try it with them. Plus they only go on very special occasions because it's pricey! :) It's hard to pick other favorites on this day because it was all really fun! :) 

New Experiences: Seeing a prestigious college campus, seeing a headquarters for something big like Google, trying Brazilian Barbecue, and trying Sprinkles cupcakes!

Random Tip: Save room for the meat at the Brazilian Barbecue by skipping salads, etc. 

Has anyone else been to Google or Stanford?

Have you ever tried Brazilian Barbecue? What did you think?

Happy Travels!


*some photo credit for Barbecue and group pictures goes to Mari and Eric! :)*

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