Monday, November 20, 2017

LYB(Holiday)L Week 4 + ANNOUNCEMENT! // Seeking Holiday Calm

It's another Monday! I hope that you had a great weekend! Ours was a little bit busy, but productive. I did a few things I'd been putting off, and we got more gifts purchased and wrapped! :) 

On to week 4 of LYBHolidayL! :) & an ANNOUNCEMENT at the bottom of the post! :) 

New here? The What & Why

Shea from Shea Lennon and I are super psyched to be kicking off LYB(Holiday)L this month! Starting November 1st we have one prompt per day to help us live a calmer, more organized, and peaceful holiday season! Each week we'll share the week's prompts, and our own ideas for how we'll do them. We'll give brief re-caps on the previous week as we go. The full list of daily prompts is on IG, and will be linked at the bottom of each of my posts. If you're a plan ahead type person, tape it into your planner or write it out to start thinking ahead. We hope that you'll join us! Use #LYBHolidayL to let us know when you tag along on social media! :) (see the full intro post and details, here).

Week 3 Recap:

All things considered, last week's lybholidayl went well! Despite lingering stress, and lots of social plans, I managed to keep up with the challenge, and again, I think it helped me keep it together, and be present. I'm taking it slower, which is really needed. And it's very hard for me to do... so this challenge has been so great in that way! :) 

Here are some things we did:
  • on Monday I wasn't up for much of anything to be honest, but I definitely felt better knowing that I needed to "clear the un-fun" from my schedule!
  • we are ahead (for us!) on gift-list and buying. We're not done. But we took some time to start wrapping instead of adding to our list. We made more purchases and decisions throughout the week though! Feeling really good about it!
  • I did not want to work on Advent things, but I did, and it was ok. We'll see how it goes moving forward! :P I think I will like the end result.
  • I set a bedtime alarm and was grumpy about it! BUT it was very needed, so I'm ultimately grateful! 
  • I shared THIS gratitude quote, it really spoke to me and helped me to feel calmer about all that's going on right now!
  • WE FINALLY DONATED OUR THINGS! 8 months later... but hey!
  • we went on a fall walk around our neighborhood. :) :) 
We also managed to get our fridge cleaned out, because it was forgotten last week!

Still loving the gratitude log, and that it is making it easier for me to catch up in my November Daily/Gratitude album. :) 

If you joined in in any way during week 1, 2, or 3 thank you so much!! It means a lot to us, and it is nice to feel like there is a community of people trying to focus on the season, and who are rooting for you to succeed as you do the same! :) :) My heart broke open from happiness when I saw Audrey and Kelly's updates, thank you so much for sharing ladies, and I'm glad that you are enjoying the challenge! 

Week 4:

November 20 - Allow yourself a small indulgence this week (a sweet treat, a long bath, an item from your wish list).

I don't know what this will end up being.. but I am excited to find out! Kelly Purkey is having a Black Friday sale... :)

November 21 - Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

This is so needed, and great timing pre-Thanksgiving! :)

November 22 - Unexpected color-combo: pumpkin & blush

I stumbled upon this one, and I love it! How odd, right? If you don't have these in your closet, or don't want to pair them, try anything new within your own wardrobe today! :) 

November 23 - Put your phone away and just be present today. Facebook and Instagram can wait.

I love that this falls on Thanksgiving! :) I plan to keep my phone put away unless I'm using it for photos! My iphone is my camera, and I love capturing holiday moments! :)

November 24 - Take a few minutes to look at old photos and reminisce.

I used to make photo books for KC, and then stopped at some point. It would be fun to find them and flip through them together! :) Now just to find them... :)

November 25 - Have a hot cocoa date with your significant other, best friend, or other loved one.

This sounds like a great way to unwind after a busy holiday week. We have some super cute new mugs too, excited for this one! :)

November 26 - Call, text, FaceTime, etc. a friend or family member that you are not able to see this holiday. They'll be glad to know that you are thinking of them!

I will plan to call my dad and grandma in Arizona to catch up with them. :)

Announcement Time!

We are having so much fun with #lybholidayl! Between the community encouragement, the "justification" for self-care, and the peace it's given us (and you!) ... we have decided to continue in December! Stay tuned for the December prompts, we'll be sharing them on November 29th! We hope you'll join us, or join us again! :) 

What about you guys?! Are you planning to tag along this week? Or in December?!

Do you have loved ones who live far away? How do you keep in touch?

What is your favorite small indulgence?!

I'll be posting about the prompts using #LYBHolidayL on Instagram! Make sure to check in with Shea on her IG too! :) @simplyalexandra12 & @shealennon



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