Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ten Months In // 2017 Goal Progress

It is my favorite part of the year, the festive months, the cozy months, the chilly months! YAY! I finally feel "right". 

In order to keep up with my goals for 2017 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2017 goals here.

I don't have a lot of goal-related photos this month, but I do have some photos of what we've been up to at the bottom. :) 

Goals for October:

1) Read/start 1 non-fiction book.

Yay, I started reading another book on Hygge! I am enjoying it... but also... a little annoyed with the author. It's kind of like a memoir.. Too soon to say.

2) Read 2 or more Netgalley books!

I read two Netgalley books, yay! Both Christmas ones, but that's ok! :) Check out SUYB next week for details! :) 

3) Get some of my favorite albums on vinyl!

Crickets. They are still just hanging out in my cart on Amazon...

4) Read 5 total books 

Just three so far.

5) Clean up / use second room (dust shelves, purge magazines, put away packed items, hang up bulletin board, make reading nook...)

We actually did pretty well at this. At the very end of the month. While cleaning for our Halloween party, we got everything quite a bit cleaner and more organized! I still need to do a magazine purging session, but we'll count this as a pass!

6) Finish planning our Halloween Costumes/party details!  (eeee!!!)

We did this! We changed our minds a few times the week of Halloween... but... I love how things turned out! :) Check out yesterday's post for details! :) 

7) Go through 3 boxes (or the like) that we are storing. Purge, purge, purge!

Ummm... We definitely sorted through some trouble spots, but no official boxes/bags. Fail.

8) Learn how to use another program for editing my videos!

I figured out how to use my phone to do all of my editing, or when there's not enough space on my phone... to use my FIL's Mac. :) 

9) Check some items off my fall bucket list

Yes, we are making progress on this one! We've checked 9 of 27 off, and have plans to do more as the weeks go on! :) 

10) Work on new cleaning schedule

I did make a new draft of this. Our schedule is kind of weird compared to the cleaning schedule we used to use and love.. so I'm not sure, it might need more tweaking. But hey, progress. :) 

11) Read books from under-loved genres (2017 goal)

I am in the middle of a non-fiction, a historical fiction (partly, it has flashbacks, that counts right?!), a book of poetry, and a classic. I think that's close enough to call it good. :) 

12) Read/start 1 classic novel

I'm still in the middle of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass and In Cold Blood. :) I didn't feel the need to start a THIRD classic. LOL.

13) Learn more/implement ideas related to hygge

Still reading my second book on the topic. I've been turning on lamps at home more, as well as trying to cozy up with the cats, watch movies that are comfort movies for us *cough* The Hobbit *cough*... and generally spend evenings at home when we can. We've also been making some cozy meals like a new stew recipe. :) Feeling good about the cozy. Definitely room to increase it though! :) 

Total: 10/13 - feeling really good about this. It's a big weight off of my shoulders to have a new way to edit videos. Even though I haven't read a lot, I was glad to check off some Netgalley books. Excited to be living fall 2017 to the fullest. :)

Other Things That Happened:

A lot of family stress. I spent a lot of nights very anxious, very worried, I think that's probably why I got sick. Ready for the divorce to be "over" or at least resolved soon. Our family is not in a good place. The trial is next month.. so hopefully that will at least make a few things official. :( And generally when I try to offer help or suggestions, or create conflict to avoid passive aggression it hasn't been going well. And I'm often left feeling worse.

... but... 

We got to see Olivia do some junior cheerleading at a high school football game! She had a blast! 

We went to see Hanson!

We went to see Vance Joy!

We went to the renaissance festival and had a lot of fun. 

We went to the pumpkin patch.

We had a super fun Halloween party with our friends & got to see Olivia on Halloween! :) Check out the details, here.

Goals for November:

1) Keep participating in the November Live Your Best (Holiday) Life with Shea!
2) Get Advent Calendar Together (this will be my first year making one!)
3) Get "little gifts" ready for December
4) Build in two extra de-stressing times per week (ideas: turn on music at work, color each night?, long bath, mani/pedi, reading, hallmark movies (media diet), 3pm music alarm, yoga on tuesdays, ) 
5) Make pie crusts in advance of Thanksgiving!
6) Work on a November Daily gratitude album!
7) Go through 3 boxes (or the like) that we are storing. Purge, purge, purge!
8) Unsubscribe from pesky email lists!
9) Check more items off my fall bucket list
10) Read books from under-loved genres (2017 goal)
11) Spend time on non-paper crafts
12) Learn more/implement ideas related to hygge

How was October for you?

What did you accomplish?

What are your goals for November? 

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