Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Festive Happenings // Pre-Christmas 2017

Whew, this month has been absolutely bonkers. I think that my plan of focusing on me and KC has been really hard to carry out. Every spare moment (and the not spare ones) have been taken up by projects, and work, and scheduling. Really hoping to get more time to ourselves next week, and I think taking the week off will be a big help too. Doing my best to focus on the great moments, even when there are lots of busy ones in between.

I still do not know why sometimes the IG photos embed correctly, and other times they don't... *shrugs*.

Here are a few things we've been up to:

I decorated my desk:

We had a few hot chocolate dates, and Scalawag played with a santa hat (scroll to second video):

We celebrated KC's grandpa's 85th birthday (sadly didn't get any family pictures):

We celebrated at our city's "Winter Wonder Weekend". We went to the Festival of Trees, The Old Fashioned Christmas Parade, and the Gingerbread Auction. Photo 8 in this post is my favorite tree. HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS IS THAT?!

We decorated our tiny tree with some of our decorations. :)

I started working on my December Daily album. Check out the first bits up on YouTube. I love the collection I am using, it has so many cute little animals in it! :)

We made a cute cake in our gingerbread house mold. It was very cute, but the recipe was not the best. It was kind of dense... but oh well! We also made a blanket fort and watched Love Actually and had Hotschnappslate! It was fun, and I was able to relax a little despite the to-do list. We actually fell asleep in our tent and were late to the party we were headed to!

I got my Secret Santa gift for the blogger pen pal group! Kelly was my SS and she got me the neatest things!! I love them all and have already started using the things! Fun Fact: It is the first blogger exchange where I have actually received the gift in return! Which sucks, but I am glad that it worked this time. haha

We drove around and saw some fun holiday lights! We didn't get very far, but found a lot of houses that went all out! :)

I made a Christmas card for a girl who is the daughter of someone in the December Daily FB group. She was being bullied at school and so she asked for people to send her cards. She likes unicorns, so I made her this fun card. I sent it off yesterday, so I really hope that she gets it soon and enjoys it! :) I have a video tutorial going up Friday on YouTube.

KC and I went to KCMO to see the Kansas City Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker. It was gorgeous again this year! My favorite party (by far) is the Waltz of the Snowflakes. It is so so beautiful. The snow falling, the pretty snowflake outfits. And the new KC ballet version is just so imaginative and gorgeous.

I'm hoping to add more things to our list and our downtime as Christmas week gets here. :)

What have you guys been up to?!

Does anyone else love The Nutcracker? What is your favorite part?!


Are you taking any time off at the end of the year?



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