Monday, December 18, 2017

LYB(Holiday)L Week 8 // Seeking Holiday Calm

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a fun, festive, and peaceful weekend! :) It was a very hectic weekend around here, but I'm trying to keep in mind that it is nearly holiday time, and that means a bit of vacation time at home for me and KC. Hang in there guys, we've almost made it through the year! :)

Let's get straight into this week's prompts!

New here? The What & Why

Shea from Shea Lennon and I are super psyched to be continuing LYB(Holiday)L this month! Starting December 1st we have one prompt per day to help us live a calmer, more organized, and peaceful holiday season! Each week we'll share the week's prompts, and our own ideas for how we'll do them. We'll give brief re-caps on the previous week as we go. The full list of daily prompts is on IG, and will be linked at the bottom of each of my posts. If you're a plan ahead type person, tape it into your planner or write it out to start thinking ahead. We hope that you'll join us! Use #LYBHolidayL to let us know when you tag along on social media! :) (see the full intro post and details, here).

Week 7 Recap:

Here's some things I did during week 7! - you can always keep up by following along on IG! This week was a bit tougher to stay on it with this challenge - lots going on - but we still managed to do ok.

  • I wasn't sure what my treat would be, but I got my package from my blogger pen pal Secret Santa (Kelly!)! So I ended up with tons of treats! :) Thank you Kelly!
  • I remembered to turn on music toward the end of the day! It was a very productive day making videos so I didn't have anything in the background. :) 
  • Hehe we didn't do this. But we did make the crock pot recipe from last week, this week, and it turned out well. We even finished all of the leftovers! :) I also got some self care this day, which wasn't food healthy, but brain healthy!
  • This was our first time driving to look at holiday lights, but we really enjoyed it! We saw a neighborhood where tons of houses went all out! So fun!
  • We didn't bake cookies this day, because we had a ton of plans! But we did find our cookie press! Yay, and we ended up making them the next day instead. I think we'll try the new recipe this week or during the week of Christmas! :) 
  • I set a coffee date with my grandma for this week while she is in town. I am also working on packaging things up for friends and family for Christmas!
Week 8:

December 18 - Give yourself a mini pedicure!

I think I am going to keep it simple and remove old nail polish, use my pumice stone in the shower to exfoliate, and then slather on some thick lotion, and fuzzy socks! (I cannot wait to do this...!)

December 19 - Pick up a box of thank you notes and stamps to have on-hand post-holiday. A thank you note is always appreciated, and a lost practice! Get your family involved to help teach your kiddos about gratitude (thanks, November Challenge!)

We are pretty adamant about sending thank you notes at our house! I will plan to check my stash this day and see if we need more! It is likely that we'll need stamps regardless! :P

December 20 - Make a double-batch of a favorite meal and freeze it.

I have a really tough time freezing things successfully and remembering to eat them. Maybe this is the time! We shall see. I'm not sure how much cooking we'll realistically get done. So I may tweak this one to say, "get groceries for a few quick meals/lunches". We've been eating out too much, but not with enough time to change it!

December 21 - Sneak in an extra workout today. Even if that means a 10 minute walk or 20 reps of arm weights. Just move a little more, your body will thank you!

This will be needed! I am going to try to fit in a calm yoga session in the evening. :) 

December 22 - Give yourself a 20 minute break today. Read, color, do a puzzle, do nothing! Do whatever will make it feel like a treat for you! :) 

I love this one! I can't wait to take a break! hehe We actually don't have anything this day, so I thin it will be easy to fit something in. Maybe a movie with KC. ;) 

December 23 - Make Treats to Share

We've been wanting to make peanut butter balls, and to try the new cookie recipe from last week's prompt. So excited to pick something out and focus on baking without worrying about other things that need done! :) 

December 24 - Enjoy a seasonal drink of your choice.

This seems like the perfect prompt for Christmas Eve. I might sit down with a cup of spiked cocoa or if I get ambitious make mulled wine. hehe :) 

What is your favorite way to take a break?

What is your favorite freezer meal? Or meal that freezes well? Help a girl out (again!)!

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is this week?! It is nuts how quickly this month has flown!

We'll be posting about the prompts using #LYBHolidayL on Instagram! Make sure to check in with Shea on her IG too! :) @simplyalexandra12 & @shealennon



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