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Eleven Months In // 2017 Goal Progress

What even were my November goals? Yikes, even with #lybholidayl (which I swear helped!) November was a bit of a train wreck. Between my parent's divorce trial, arranging airport shuttles for family (missing planes, etc.), and Scali going to the 24 Hour vet and needing monitored... it was seriously a crazy month. I don't care to re-live it.. so we're moving right on.

In order to keep up with my goals for 2017 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2017 goals here.

It's DECEMBER. Dear Lord. Let's see how it went!

**I don't know why half of my IG photos are being weird...! : / **

November Goals:

1) Keep participating in the November Live Your Best (Holiday) Life with Shea!

Shea and I have been holding a "Live Your Best Holiday Life for Less" challenge in November. It is meant to reduce holiday stress by sharing one helpful prompt per day. It focuses on self-care, gratitude, planning, and festivity. I did this in November! I think I managed to do or tweak every single prompt, we are so excited to be just starting December's list! We'd love for you to join us at any point. It's a pop in, pop out, and make it work type of challenge!

2) Get Advent Calendar Together (this will be my first year making one!)

I had an idea, and squashed it. I started the new one, it went a lot better. I have most of the calendar ready, and should be able to add the missing items (later in month) before it is time. Not perfect, but it will be just fine! The goal is to have fun anyhow, right? I think it will be fun! :) 

3) Get "little gifts" ready for December

I got a few cards, and gifts ready to mail. I still need to do a bit of work on this though! :) 

4) Build in two extra de-stressing times per week (ideas: turn on music at work, color each night?, long bath, mani/pedi, reading, hallmark movies (media diet), 3pm music alarm, yoga on tuesdays, ) 

I didn't exactly keep great track of this one. I did set an alarm on my work email calendar to turn on music in the afternoons though, which I think helped. A lot of the #lybholidayl prompts helped as well. I think I did ok at this through almost the end of the month. :) 

5) Make pie crusts in advance of Thanksgiving!

Does the day before count? Honestly, I'm just happy that I made them again this year, the last few I did store-bought (which is totally fine! but not my personal preference) so this felt like improvement. Making them in the food processor is

6) Work on a November Daily gratitude album!
I started this and did enjoy it! :) It was so different than October's album! I am finishing it up now and starting on December's! :) Want to see? Check it out:

7) Go through 3 boxes (or the like) that we are storing. Purge, purge, purge!

Laughs hysterically... why is this still on the list?

8) Unsubscribe from pesky email lists!


9) Check more items off my fall bucket list
I did check a few items off my fall bucket list! A few won't happen, a few that might before it is officially winter, but I feel good about it! :)

10) Read books from under-loved genres (2017 goal)
I read almost nothing in November. I read one whole book, not of a new genre, and started one that was in an under-loved genre. I guess that count by a pass, but I was hoping for a few whole books. Oh well. 

11) Spend time on non-paper crafts

Nope. Paper is my jam... so... maybe next year.

12) Learn more/implement ideas related to hygge
We made a reading nook, and have been using it on and off. We did try a new recipe at the end of October that simmers for awhile and is very hearty so it felt pretty hygge. Having our tree up early with the lights also felt hygge. One of our festive activities and another recipe are both from the Little Book of Hygge, so I am excited for those this and next week! :) I want to keep going, but we did try some. :) 

Total: 10/12 - feeling really good about this, especially because it was a pretty tough month. I think that #lybholidayl really helped as well. I am excited to finish out the year strong. Even if I don't check some long-standing items off of it just yet.

Other Things That Happened:

A lot more family stress. I spent a lot of nights very anxious, very worried, wondering who is telling the truth, if it matters, and how to best help out my sister Olivia. Ready for the divorce to be "over" or at least resolved... which sadly has been drawn out... and will now continue into 2018. Our family is not in a good place. I still find that offering help or suggestions, or trying to create conflict to avoid passive aggression it hasn't been going well. Maybe slightly better...? And I'm often left feeling worse than I did before I stepped in.

We saw Murder on the Orient Express. It was pretty good! I thought it was true to the book, though a bit less suspenseful. The cinematography was lovely, and the cast was great. The movie itself was just a bit slow for me. Overall I recommend if you are interested.

We celebrated my MIL's birthday. We had some family dinners which was nice! :) 

We saw Waitress the musical, and it was amazing. 5 Stars. It is touring. Go. See. It.

Scali, our little pirate cat was having some urinary issues. I'll spare you the details... but we did go to the emergency vet, lose quite a bit of sleep, and stress over him for a few days. He's ok now, and I appreciate all of your comments and concern! :) I had more notes from you all than people I know IRL... *shrugs*

We saw our first holiday performance of the year. We actually got free tickets (cool!) from my FIL's office. It was called Cantus: Three Tales of Christmas. It was really lovely acapella, all males, which was really a fun change. It was a nice break.

Goals for December:

1) Work on (MY FIRST!) December Daily album!
2) Read books from under-loved genres (2017 goal)
3) Try specific ideas from The Little Book of Hygge
4) Try a new Christmas cookie recipe
5) Get holiday or end of year cards sent out
6) Do #allthefestivethings
7) Go through 3 boxes (or the like) that we are storing. Purge, purge, purge!
8) Take a few things off of my plate - if I can...
9) Think about social media schedule for 2018
10) Read and then read more
11) Spend time on non-paper crafts
12) Take more photos at home with KC/cats, etc.

How was November for you?

What did you accomplish?

What are your goals for December? Have you started thinking about 2018 yet?! *gasp*

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