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Christmas Fiction 2018 // Vol. II

Happy Monday, Friends! You all know that I looove a good fluffy holiday read... Here are a few that I've read so far this year! Check out my reviews so you don't pick up a dud! I will probably have a Volume III coming sometime soon! :) (I know this is not everyone's genre, so I wanted to share it in a separate post from my normal monthly reads!) Missed Volume I? Check it out now! :) 

A Holiday by Gaslight by Mimi Matthews* (this is a novella!) - Publishes TOMORROW!

5 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy Christmas fiction and/or proper romance. It gave me Edenbrooke feels!

Sophie Appersett is the logical minded daughter of a frivolous man of society. He's spent her dowry, and what's left of the family fortune is dedicated to improving her sister's chances at a wealthy match. When Edward Sharpe asks to court Sophie, her parents are thrilled, though he's not a man of society, he is quite wealthy. Sophie, dedicated to her family's success agrees to court Edward. However, he never speaks, and doesn't seem to like her much at all. When she breaks off their courtship she quickly realizes that she may have liked him more than she thought. Only a Christmas holiday in the country will tell if these two are suited or not.


I absolutely adored this novella. It was everything I like in a historical proper romance: bantery, swoony, slow burn, and featuring an independent and intelligent female lead! I loved that Edward and Sophie had such good banter, and that they were occasionally grumpy with each other... though I would not classify this as a hate-to-love type of relationship. I loved all of the Christmassy elements involved in this book, but to see how it fit the Victorian period. How fun to imagine searching the grounds for holly, greenery, a yule log, and mistletoe, having a Christmas ball, or sleigh rides. There were so many parts of this book that were just too darn swoony. I could not even. BRB, adding all Mimi Matthews books to my TBR. -This book publishes TODAY!-

Dear Santa by Nancy Niagle* - on sale now!

2.5-3 Stars - I recommend if you enjoy feel-good Christmas fiction. Particularly of the Hallmark-y variety.

Angela has owned Heart of Christmas since her grandmother passed away. The lighthouse where the shop is housed has been in her family for over 100 years, and the store is her life. When Christmas Galore a big chain store moves in, Angela's business is threatened. What will she do without her career and her last connection to her grandmother. Geoff is the head of Christmas Galore and reluctant to get involved in the newest community that his store is located in. When his mother, and business partner falls ill he must take over some of her duties, including becoming more involved in the community. Angela and Geoff are rivals, but just might find that they are both looking for the same thing.

This book started out a little bit slow for me, I didn't care for the arguing between the two sisters, but as the story went on I liked it more. I appreciated how detailed the town, characters, etc. were. With Christmas fiction there is a tendency to really simplify the setting and characters, I didn't find that in this book, which I appreciated. I felt like the letters to Santa in the app was really quite a small part of the story, it would have been fun if it took over a little bit more. Overall I ended up liking where the story went and the budding relationship between rivals Angela and Geoff. I could have done with a bit more banter, and a bit more romance. Overall I think you will enjoy this if you like Hallmark Christmas movies. HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILER: Not even a kiss?!

The White Christmas Inn by Colleen Wright* - on sale now!

4-4.5 Stars - I would definitely recommend if you enjoy Christmas fiction. Also, if you like a romance or story where there are many characters's plots happening at once.

10 years ago Jeanne and Tim bought The Evergreen Inn from Iris, who grew up there. Iris allowed it, only if she got to stay on to work the front desk. After 10 years in business, the inn is going under due to a new ski resort in the area. Christmas week is going to be their last days in business. Hannah is about to get married at the inn, a place she spent her childhood, when her fiance calls the whole thing off. Molly, a children's book writer is seeking inspiration for her newest book, and her life and decides to stay at the inn too. When a bad storm causes an elderly gentleman and a single dad and his two girls to take refuge at the inn, they'll have an unusual Christmas that will never be forgotten.

I didn't know what to expect from this book. It was the author's debut, but the cover image drew me in. I'm so glad that I took a chance on a new book and author! This book has all of the charm of a Hallmark movie but with the changing perspectives of a (more PG) Love Actually, mixed with The Dragonfly Inn in Gilmore Girls. I loved the description of the inn, the quirky characters, and their sweet interactions. I loved seeing how empty-nesters, a single dad of two girls, struggling business owners, single elderly folks, a young wilderness guide, a jilted bride, and a children's author join together to celebrate Christmas. I think that Molly (the children's writer) was my favorite character, I was most excited to see what would happen with her plot. The only thing I would add to this book would be an epilogue. :)

Christmas In Snowfall by Erika Marks* - on sale now!

3.5 Stars - I would recommend if you are looking for a cute Christmas novella.

Maggie Iverson is a web designer, tasked with improving the website and tourism for the quaint town of Snowfall, VT. When Maggie meets Alden Marshall, the town vet, and finds out the he is tied to a town curse, she is hoping he'll share the story with her. Neither is looking for romance, but as Maggie falls for Snowfall, it's hard not to fall for Alden as well.

This was a cute Christmas novella. I enjoyed the town of snowfall, the plot, and the fun dates that the characters went on. I feel like I could have gone for pages and pages more of Maggie and Alden exploring Snowfall, and of Ezzie's (the innkeeper) matchmaking schemes. I felt like the characters were a little bit angsty over small things, which made it feel a little heavier than I wanted it to. Overall I would recommend this book to someone looking for something Christmassy.

There you have it! Four (more!) 2018 Christmas releases that are on shelves now, or very soon! Check out Volume I for more good 2018 Xmas Picks! Volume III headed your way soon!

Do you like Christmas fiction?!

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* Asterisks denote titles that I was given advance access to by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. These reviews are my own opinion, and based on the edition of the book I was given at the time. Thank you Netgalley!

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