Thursday, November 1, 2018

Live Your Best Holiday Life For Less // 2018

Happy Thursday friends! Today, I am super jazzed because Shea and I are revamping #lybholidayl ! We are doing it a little differently this year, so read on below to see what we're up to! We'd love for you to join in with the ideas and by sharing your own successes and struggles this holiday season!

Last year Shea and I did Live Your Best Holiday Life For Less where we picked daily prompts for November and December to help us have a more festive, budget friendly, and self-care inclusive holiday season. It was so fun to put a focus on our months, and really channel what is important during those busy times! Thank you to those of you who participated with us, we had so much fun seeing what you guys were up to, and how you interpreted the prompts!

This year we are not going to be running a daily challenge, but we ARE wanting to keep festivity, self-care, and budgeting in the forefront of our minds this holiday season. Here are a few lists we've compiled for you guys to use this year! The idea is that you can turn to them if you are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or strapped for cash!

 If you use the lists, make sure to tag us on Instagram (Me & Shea) and use #liveyourbestholidayl so we can follow along! We will be posting from time to time on our pages and in our STORIES (we are loving IG stories this year!) about how the holiday is going, and how we are keeping family, a low budget, and self-care at the forefront. We would love for you to join us this year!

I am particularly excited to:

make some of our holiday gifts this year
try out a new gifting system between me and KC - I'll share in my stories soon!
send out holiday cards from our new house!
go for winter walks to de-stress and see the quiet beauty of the winter season
shop my own closet for "new" holiday outfits - I LOVED doing this last year!

Are *you* looking for daily prompts? If so here are last year's lists! Feel free to use them!

We will have one round up post at the end of November, and one at the end of December to recap how it went... successes and failures! Hey, we're real people! We struggle from time to time!

Please let us know if you are joining in by using #lybholidayl and tagging Shea and I! :) 

How do you beat holiday stress?

What tradition are you most looking forward to?



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