Thursday, November 29, 2018

Live Your Best Holiday Life Update // November

Happy Thursday friends! Today, Shea and I are sharing updates for #lybholidayl ! We are doing it a little differently this year, and enjoying it and struggling with it in our own ways! Make sure to check out Shea's post to see what she's been up to. We'd love for you to join in with the ideas and by sharing your own successes and struggles this holiday season! Need the lists again? Scroll to the bottom! :) 

What's Going Well:

We spent a really nice weekend at KC's grandparent's farm. I wrote about what it means to me, here.

A lot of reading! (a lot!) - if you are looking for a cheesy holiday read check out these reviews! here and here.

Keeping a Gratitude Log

Getting outside & walking home more often

Shopped my closet for Thanksgiving outfits

Rules for Making Plans (to reduce anxiety!!):

1) if someone in the group is super busy, let them pick the time between two days, etc. "We are free all day Saturday and Sunday, you guys let us know!"
2) if everyone is free, be the person who says let's go HERE, at THIS TIME.

If it changes, that's ok! But be the decisive person, you'll have a plan sooner!

The "Four" Christmas Gifts - this year KC and I are doing the "four" gifts for Christmas. 

1) something you want
2) something you need
3) something to wear
4) something to read

It has definitely simplified shopping and been kind of a fun challenge!

Cheesy Netflix Xmas Movies - can recommend The Christmas Calendar and The Princess Switch. And obviously last year's A Christmas Prince!

A long snow weekend where we stayed in, read, cozied up with cats, played board games, made a really yummy stew, etc.

Made turkey broth after t-giving with the turkey carcass. It was SO inexpensive and easy. I froze the broth in ice cube trays for easy use and portioning later! (we also do this with leftover broth from the store, and chopped up adobo chiles. :) 

Where I'm Struggling:

Meditating... oy, it's getting a little easier, but is not my jam.

We tried some nail wraps... LOL they were not super successful.

I'm not feeling overly festive this year. I want to feel a little less bah humbug! I'm hoping that getting a tree and decorating soon will help!

Hopes for December:

To make and send Christmas cards - down to the wire... lol

To decorate and feel more "in the spirit"

Donate to a few organizations -- we usually do this in November, but only did a little bit.

Try to reduce a little stress, this week has been a rough one stress-wise.

Do some holiday baking

Overall I think that things are going well, but I am starting to feel some stress this week. I hope that I can do a bit of destressing and getting a bit more festive in the coming weeks!

How about you guys? How is your holiday season going?

Are you doing LYBHolidayL? We'd love for you to join us! 

Please let us know if you are joining in by using #lybholidayl and tagging Shea and I! :) 



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