Thursday, October 15, 2020

Keep It Together // October 2020

 Hello All! It's time for Keep It Together! :) Woohoo!

I am excited to post today with Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag and Rebecca Jo from Knit by God's Hand for our Keep It Together linkup!

If you're new here, this is our linkup for all things planners, memory keeping, and journalling. Please feel free to join us on the third Thursday of the month with any posts that fall into those categories! :)

Planning & Goals:

To be honest, lately I haven't felt much like documenting, and of course, with COVID have not had much to plan! :P 

My main goals right now are to do a lot of thinking and introspection to figure out what I'd like to do with my time and for work, etc. So I have been making a lot of monthly goals - they are pretty lax lists, that give me ideas, more-so than things I very much want to accomplish.

I have also been trying setting intentions with the new moon. You basically decide what you'd like to accomplish and focus on within the next month, and set those things as your intentions. The goal would be to revisit them on the full moon, and see which ones are in progress, and which need to be re-shaped or let go of. Then on the next new moon you review the process and reflect, choosing new (or the same) intentions. I have only been doing it for a few months, but I think it has been generally interesting and useful. I'm excited to dive into it a bit more.

My Process for New Moon Planning:

Grab my traveler's notebook with my 2020 Manifesto and New Moon insert and my various card decks (Goddess, Animal Totem, Wonder Walking, and The Universe Has Your Back).

Go to a quiet space where I can focus a little better.

Review my new moon intentions and reflect on how they went. I write down some reflections in my new moon insert.

Next I take out my decks, and shuffle to randomly draw a card from each deck. For the Wonder Walking deck I have been picking one card from each ??. I reflect on the cards and read the guidebooks to determine my thoughts around each card and write them down briefly in my New Moon insert.

Lastly, I look through my 2020 Manifesto to re-center myself to goals for the year. Taking the cards, my goals for the year, and my reflection from the last new moon period, I choose a handful of intentions for the next moon cycle. I keep the cards that I drew in the pockets of my traveler's notebook, so I can have them on hand.

I try to re-visit my intentions a few times during the moon cycle just to keep them in my mind.

Would you like to try it? The New Moon is tomorrow!
Up Next:

I am interested in learning more about planning by the moon. I only know a little right now, but am having fun seeing how it goes. I would like to expand my process some, and incorporate more journalling throughout the month.

Particularly, I am trying to keep an eye open for signs and opportunity, and listen to my intuition more.

What are you guys up to?

Does anyone have a random feeling as to what job I should take, or what I should do with my time? :P :P 



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