About Me

Hi, I'm Alexandra.

I'm a twenty-nine year old Renaissance Soul, living in Northeastern Kansas. I married my high-school sweetheart, KC in 2011, and graduated from The University of Kansas in 2012.

KC and I are enjoying our adventures together both at home, and across the globe (well, mostly the US and Canada so far... ). These adventures now include Duchess & Scalawag (Scali for short), our two frisky kittens.

We purchased our very first home, a 1905 farmhouse in 2018. We're currently making it a home. We're learning how to do so many new things, and enjoying being in a full sized (though small!) place for the very first time.

When we aren't wrangling cats you might find us at Target. When we aren't at Target we're probably watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix or engaged in an epic board game battle. We actually try to keep our time together pretty diverse, but really.... Target is a safe bet. ;)

In my spare time I love documenting with project life, reading LOTS of books, setting goals, watching quirky movies, planning themed game nights, and rummaging through thrift stores.

A few random facts about me:

hate grasshoppers
My favorite colors are gold and yellow
I think whales are fascinating, beautiful, and incredible creatures
I tend to speak in Gilmoreisms
I have an affinity for washi tape
My wanderlust is insatiable
I can watch the first Hobbit movie over and over and over. I love those dwarves.
I really admire Dolly Parton

Nice to meet you & thanks for stopping by! :)



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