Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goals for Lent

Long Time, No Blog. 

So here is what I am doing to make it a more regular thing during my BUSY weeks.
For Lent most people give up chocolate or soda. Last year I gave up meat and it was a really great experience. But this year I thought it would be better to add something constructive to add instead. You know how I like goals.

So here it goes...

Lent Additions:
1) Journal Daily
2) Blog Weekly
3) Read Often

So I will be doing my best to accomplish these goals and do a lot of reflection. So here is week #1. :) I may blog more than once if I have time.. spring break is soon and I only have 1 take home midterm this week! (YAAAYY!) 

All for Now! What are you doing/giving up for Lent? 



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