Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break = Small Town Antique Finds

Not doing so well on the Lent thing... but here we go anyway. 

Over the break (still not over by the way) I have been lucky enough to hit a few great antique shops and antique finds! 

Here is what I found! (but didn't buy)

Gorgeous China!
(it was 75% off but there was just TOO much to buy)

The Cutest Salt and Pepper Shakers (EVER)
Hand Painted in Japan 
(wasn't willing to spend $14 on them since I don't have a table to put them on haha)

Really Cute Hat! 
(Didn't Fit, but Adorable!)

Cute Tea Pot!
(not $22 cute.. but cute!)

Here is What I Found .. and Did Buy!

ADORABLE 1940's Picnic Basket! 
($37.01 but I was in love :) ) 

Box of Antique Hankies!
($15 for 16 Hankies and 1 Scarf!!)

In Lawrence they are at least $4 a piece!

+ Papa wouldn't let me pay for them.. so they were free :)

Thanks Papa.

All of the Cute Hankies! :)

All of These Crazy Awesome Clip-Ons for Only $1!
STEAL! ($1 per pair in Lawrence!)

Very Cute Necklace! 
(Only $2!)

Very Cute Locket Necklace!
(Only $3!)

Another Bunch of Earrings!
(Only $1 for this whole pile!)

Closeup of the Cuteness. 

I found some really great things! What are your greatest vintage steals??

All for Now,

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