Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preserve Toothbrushes (and Why They Rock)

I've previously blogged about preserve products and most recently about their razors. For those of you who missed those posts here is a quick idea of what preserve products are/do. Preserve products are made out of recycled yogurt cups and other recycled plastics. They can be mailed back to the company when you are done with them and then will be made into park benches, picnic tables and the like. Preserve toothbrushes are normally priced, very cute and easy to send back! 

Here is an instructional!

My Old Preserve Toothbrush, Ready to be Sent Back.

Brand Spankin' New Toothbrush!
(Its Pink!)

Open "Here" 

Pull out your fancy new toothbrush!

 Look! There it is!

 The Toothbrush Package has a Free Mailer on it! 
(How Convenient!) 

Slip the Old Toothbrush Into the Package/Mailer.

 Seal it Up With Some Tape!

Stick it in the Mail! 
(This is Our Mail Basket at Miller)
(In Your Case... You Will Probably Have to Find Something More Official than a Basket!)

So There You Have It! ;)
Preserve toothbrushes are cute, easy to use and super eco-friendly. They are cheap and easy to find at most Target stores. 

I recently learned that you can go to preserve's website and order a yearly toothbrush service! For about $13 you can have preserve send you 1 toothbrush every 3 months for a whole year! That's quite the deal.. and you can mail them back to recycle them as always. 

Need a New Toothbrush? Go Get A Preserve One!



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