Sunday, March 18, 2012

Headed To Texas Y'all!

 We are off to explore Texas!

We decided to take a road trip stopping in 6 cities along the way. 

We will be gone for about a week and we are super excited!

My grandma and her boyfriend are staying down there so one of our stops is to visit them! :) 

This is a picture of me with my grandma last fall/winter when we each had a broken foot!

Road trips are a blast and we can't wait for our crash course in Texas culture! 

Tacos, beaches and warm weather here we come! 

Hope you all have a nice break/week! 

All for now,



  1. That picture with your grandma is too cute! Have a great vacation! Tell me the places that you guys go to :)
    love, SUZE

  2. Thanks SUZE. :)It was fun! :) I will be posting about specifics soon! :)


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