Friday, March 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 Part I: Breakfast in Bed {Recipe #24}

Kyle and I love breakfast...

So I thought I would surprise him with breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day! 

I decided to do something out of the ordinary {for us}, French Toast.
....We both thought we didn't like French toast... but that is only because we didn't have this recipe before now!

In fact it was so good that I have decided that I will serve it at my bed and breakfast someday!

For those who are curious it has a raspberry fruit filling and is drizzled with honey rather than maple syrup!

I also made veggie and cheese scrambled eggs and chocolate milk for Kyle :) {just in case he didn't like the french toast, but he did!}

This is what the french toast is supposed to look like...

But Kyle does not like almonds so this is my piece.

I am pretty darn obsessed with this recipe...

I have already made it once more testing out blackberry filling.

Maybe I'll try cherry next?

How do you like to show your loved ones you care on Valentine's Day?

All for now,


Part II is coming soon! :)

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