Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kyle's Birthday Week! {recipes #27-29}

This is my husband, Kyle! {whoa! I have a husband! :)}

We recently celebrated his 21st birthday! That's definitely blog-worthy, so here you go!

Story Behind Planning:

Kyle's birthday fell on a week that I had 2 massive tests this year.

One in Physiology and one in Chemistry.


Unfortunately they were the night of and the morning after his birthday.

So I decided to try to make his birthday as special as possible by making it into a birthday week!

Here is what we did!

Day 1: "Fancy" B-day Dinner!

He enjoys anything that includes gravy. We decided to try Pioneer Woman's recipe for chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy! Despite my nervousness making it, it turned out well! :)

{I am counting this as 3 recipes.. because it is.. so #'s 27-29}

Day 2: Two-for-One Tuesday at Sylas and Maddie's

This is a weekly ritual for us, so we certainly couldn't miss it on his birthday week! If you live in Lawrence, near Lawrence or visit Lawrence you must try this ice cream place!

Day 3: Breakfast in Bed

{his actual birthday!}

Breakfast burritos with salsa and oj!

Then for dinner we went to 23rd Street Brewery where he ordered his first drink out! :) {a white Russian}

Day 4: Playing hookie for a whole day out together!

First, we bought him some new clothes at Oak Park Mall. Then we stopped by Christopher Elbow's chocolate shop for some treats. We ended the night at the Legends, had BBQ and then played like kids at Dave and Buster's! It was so much fun!

Kyle with his "Raptor Captor" jackpot! :)

Day 5: Dinner with Friends!

We met some friends downtown at Rudy's Pizzaria! It was fun! I also made nutella cookies... SO GOOD! But I don't have a picture so I will post that later! :)

Then Juliet and I decided to look at clothes and online shop while the boys went out for some drinks :)

The Next Week:

The next week we went with his parents to the new casino out by the Legends. Its called Hollywood Casino and it was pretty fun! Kyle was able to play on the casino's money the whole time and I was able to turn their $5 into $80! :) It was a pretty nice casino, it had some non-smoking sections!

I hope Kyle had a good birthday week! I know that I had fun planning it! :)

What are your favorite birthday surprises for your significant other?

All for now,



  1. Sylas & Maddy's, Rudy's, 23rd St. Brewery - gah! I miss Lawrence so much! Also, I certainly agree how strange the word "my husband" sounds the first few months of marriage. Sometimes when I say it, I feel like I'm acting, like "I have a husband, la ti dah, and I live on the moon". Anyways, Happy Birthday, Kyle! I love that black and white photo of him - what a stud! :)

  2. Haaha Brittany! That's so funny! Me too. It sorta feels like bragging to me.. like "I have a husband, didn't you know?" hehe. Anyhow, I hope that we can get together soon.. we haven't seen you guys in such a long time! (Its one of my favorite pictures of him for sure! :) )


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