Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recipes I'd Rather Not Repeat {Recipes #69-74}

71) Basil Tomato Chicken with Mushrooms

This recipe is super healthy and made with such wonderful amazing ingredients that I was so excited for it! It smelled FANTASTIC and looked so mouthwatering .. but it tasted awful! I am wondering maybe if you marinated the chicken breasts in the sauce overnight if that would help? It was dry and flavorless. So so so disappointing! :( 

72) Peanut Butter Cookies

I found this recipe in my beloved Farm Chicks in the Kitchen cookbook and expected great things. They ended up being grainy and having a strange flavor. I was very disappointed because I love peanut butter cookies and had high hopes for this healthier version that contained partial whole wheat flour and partial honey over sugar. Sadly they were not something that I enjoyed. Sorry for the lack of picture, they were that sad. :( 

73) Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza

This was really not so bad and probably would have been great on a thinner crust as an appetizer where there would not be leftovers. The tomatoes did not reheat well and the crust was really good but much too bready for this type of pizza. Too bad, it seemed promising.

74 & 75) {Pancakes with} Cherry Jam & Bacon Cooked in the Oven

I was super excited to make jam for the first time. I did it exactly as the recipe called for but because there were no preservatives there was a TON of lemon juice. So this caused it to taste very lemon-y and not so cherry-y. :( The bacon in the oven seemed like a great idea, it eliminates that awful splattery part of cooking bacon. But this recipe was not compatible with our old oven. I pulled it out after the correct time on the correct temperature and it was barely cooked and not crispy at all. So I pan fried it the rest of the way done. Very disappointing.

76) Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce

This recipe was also a disappointment. It was meant to serve 6 and we had a friend coming over so it seemed perfect. It ended up that our friend did not make it over that night and it served about 20. It got very boring very fast and it was not something I would have wanted leftovers of anyhow. I felt so awful wasting it, but it just was not good. I am very disappointed in my crock pot cookbook so far. Many more dislikes than likes it seems.

Does anyone have any Crock Pot Cookbook Recommendations? I seriously need a different one! 

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  1. Go old school and get rid of the crock pot. I will teach you how to make a proper red sauce for your italian food.
    Basic old Spaghetti reciepe as follows:
    3 lbs Bacon
    2 ibs spaghetti
    2 tbs oregano or italian seasoning
    Fry Bacon till crisp
    Cook pasta
    When bacon is done remove oil and chop bacon into small pieces, drain pasta and stir in seaoning and bacon, when mixed add remaining bacon grease while hot and stir well.
    Serve with garlic bread and red wine.

  2. After this one we will work on the red sauce.

  3. Sounds good dad! I wish I didn't have to use the crockpot. It's just good for those busy days when I don't have time to go all out after work. :)


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