Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List 2013

Happy fall friends! 

I know it has been fall for almost a month now.. but let's be honest... the temperatures are still in the mid 80's here... it doesn't quite feel like fall yet! :)

I have started posting my yearly goals and summer bucket lists here, and thought doing every season might be fun and help keep me from looking too far ahead (ahem, Christmas anyone..?). 

Plus, I'm not going to lie... I'm not much of a fall girl. Don't get me wrong: it's gorgeous, the temps drop, the clothes and food are great... but it's just never been my season. But this year I am determined to make the very most of it, and fall in love with fall.

So here you have it folks, my very first Fall Bucket List!

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eat cider donuts from the farmer's market
watch Hotel Transylvania
get cider slushes at Reese's
visit the pumpkin patch
find a Halloween goodie to pass out at school
have a small board game night
watch Hocus Pocus
come up with some type of fall decor for our apartment
bake pumpkin bread
post my first outfit posts, with some cozy fall fashion!
make the AMAZING pumpkin waffle recipe from last year!
come up with some type of clever and original Halloween costumes & one normal one for school
go to the renaissance festival
attempt to read our palms
thrift some amazing finds
watch Clue
pick out and decorate pumpkins 
have some small dinner parties (double dates?)
play in the leaves
acquire the perfect slouchy, cozy knit scarf... and wear it daily
take pictures of the season!
come up with some type of gratitude project 
try a new pie recipe
make baked goods for fall and Halloween to share at work
acquire some type of seating for our balcony for scenery watching and cuddling in the nice weather
wear my brown boots as much as possible!
have both of our families over for dinner 
cozy up with some classic novels
try 10 new soup recipes
go stargazing (with a cozy blanket)
take some cute couple-y photos
start a gratitude journal again

one last thought

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." 
-Albert Camus

What are your goals for fall?

Or your favorite fall traditions?

I want to know!

Thank you for reading!


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