Monday, October 7, 2013

Snapshots of Mumford & Sons: September 2013

I love Mumford & Sons!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to their show in Kansas City in June of 2011 from a co-worker who needed to sell them. The show was amazing, I was listening to their 'Sigh No More' album on repeat, and their live performance was so incredible. Hearing the music live was a dream come true. 

So when we heard they were coming back we were so excited when we won the ticket lottery and got email invitations to buy some!The show was supposed to be in June but the bassist had an emergency on stage and had to have brain surgery, so our show was postponed until September. Luckily, it wasn't cancelled and the bassist is recovering and playing shows again!We went with a few friends and the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor show! It was about 65 degrees (F) and gorgeous! The show was at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, a new venue for us. We got there around the time Mumford went on and found places standing along the aisle. The music was wonderful and they have definitely developed more of a stage presence since their last show we went to!They played a lot of music from their newest album 'Babel' as well as some of my favorites from 'Sigh No More'. I loved hearing songs like 'Dust Bowl Dance,' 'White Blank Page,' and 'Winter Winds' again! It was all so soulful... the perfect night! They didn't play my favorite ('After the Storm,' from 'Sigh No More'), but I didn't expect them to. Overall it was a great night, and I love their music just as much if not more than ever.
If you haven't heard the albums, grab them/download them now! :)

Have you ever seen Mumford & Sons live?

What is your dream concert?

What is your favorite Mumford song?

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  1. Love them! Really sad that they are taking a hiatus! :(

  2. What a bummer! I wondered if they would! I can't imagine what it's like to be that busy!! Thanks for reading! -Alexandra


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