Monday, March 10, 2014

Black, White, & Red All Over // Thrifted Fashion

At Christmastime I got my pink jeans (you know the ones in EVERY fashion post). Well they were such a good deal that I got them in black and red as well. I was soooo excited about the red ones, but a little hesitant because they are very bright for a girl who doesn't wear a ton of red. But I finally started making outfits with them and I decidedly love love love them! :)

Since this jacket is thrifted & a great deal I am linking up with Greater Than Rubies for her On Trend Secondhand Looks Link Up and I love that these tweed and structured lady like jackets are back 'in' for so many seasons. Though this is just one of MANY thrifted looks for me.. but I thought it would be a good one to link up.

I'm also linking up with Danielle & Andi for Blazer week! - aka the best week ever!! You can linkup here! :)

Jacket: Goodwill, $6
T-shirt: Target (sleepwear!), $10
Red Jeans: JCP, $15 - Christmas Money!
Black Studded Flats: Target, $21.

Outfit Total: $52

I'm really into these sort of uptown society lady tweed jackets. You know, like Emily Gilmore would wear, or someone who wears more color perhaps. So I've been collecting a few at Goodwill, and I am finally finding outfits that I like to include them in! You don't want to style them in a way that is fussy... I'm loving this outfit with the bright pants, studded flats and graphic tee to balance out my structured lady like jacket.

Am I the only one who buys cute sleep tees and wears them as regular tees? I dunno if it's kosher but they are soooo much softer and comfy than regular tees!

I also love how the texture of this jacket is such a great contrast from the smoothness of the jeans and the minimalist design of the tee. And I love that the studs on my flats add just a tad of edge. It works for me.

That's all Folks!

Hoping to have more ways to style these jackets in the future! Then maybe I'll get a little how-to style a uptown granny jacket post up for y'all. :)

What is a new thrifted piece you've fallen in love with?

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