Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sometimes.... You Just Gotta' Roll With It // Pie Day 2014

I'm not a master of many things. I try many things, I practice many things, enjoy many things and learn many things... but there are only a few things that I feel truly good at. 

But making pies is one of them. 

This pie day (or a month later).... I made a beautiful pie.
I mean picture perfect... for my mom's birthday... so excited.. 

and... it was completely soupy in the center. 

But you know what... it. just. happens.

I could let it bother me, even a month later... but why waste the energy?

Having a rough week? 
Just keep rolling with the punches... you'll make it.

Happy Thursday! We're almost there*!



*and by there (for me) I mean SPRING BREAK!*


  1. So true! Learn and move on. :) Love your necklace and dress, btw!

  2. Stopped by your blog for the first time and loved reading this! :) I'm in college, and am very much anticipating my Spring Break next week!

    1. Thank you Lauren! Hope you have a wonderful spring break :) -Alexandra


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