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Snapshots of Seattle // Day 4 // October 2014

Ah Seattle, there's noting like posts three months after the fact, right?

On our fourth day of our trip we explored Seattle's Volunteer Park, Asian Art Museum, and Japanese Garden.

I had mentioned before (here) that our trip was kind of difficult. Well this day (despite the gorgeous sights) is a prime example of this struggle.

We started out with more pastries and coffee, of course. :)

We took the bus, got off too soon, walked miles to the park. One the way were lovely houses, trees, and gardens, but goodness we could have gotten off right next to it instead.

The park was gorgeous, we climbed up the water/observation tower (seemed like a good place to shoot a horror movie). The view was nice up there, you could see the mountains and the space needle.

We got to the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM), (across from a gross man made lake or water treatment area....?) - I dunno but it looked like a prison in a dystopian novel. Or like the low-budget hunger games could take place there... ? The overcast sky wasn't helping matters.

Since the museum wasn't free until later in the afternoon we decided to go out to the Japanese Garden first. Which looked close on the map. - it was not. Again we walked for miles, getting tired and hungry. Plus the weather was nice, so we were getting warm in our jackets.

The garden was so beautiful, unlike anything I've seen yet. It was worth the walk, but again... we needed to get a handle on convenient public transportation.

After that we walked a short (yay!) way to the bus stop, that took us out to a retail area containing a bookstore I wanted to visit.

We stopped first at Lost Lake for lunch. It had a neat vibe, sort of reminded me of a VA or American Legion, but also a diner and a bit hipster-y.

We had shakes and burgers, the food was great and it was SO nice to rest! :)

Then we walked next door and explored The Elliot Bay Book Company. There I browsed and swooned over books. I ended up with a new journal and Home Style By City (which I read on the flight home.... and am now obsessed with!!).

After that we took the bus back out to the SAAM. We got in for free and explored the Deco Japan exhibit. It was gorgeous, though mostly filled with object type art (vases, clothing... etc.) -which is not my favorite. It was all still beautiful though! There were a few paintings I loved, but I couldn't take a photo to post. After that we walked through all of the galleries and were shocked when we were done! 

Displays of note include:

Watching the video works created by Chen Shaoxiong's Ink. History. Media. ink drawings

Al Wei Wei's Colored Vases. Really bright and lovely. - getting some color combo inspiration here! :) 

There was also a cool (but gross,) collection of snuff boxes. Beautiful... but snuff... not so much. Oddly enough we saw another collection in New Orleans when we visited the NOMA at the beginning of January. :) 

We were pretty tired and silly after we left the museum... yes I am thinking 'I'm gonna touch the butt!!' in this picture... 

Before leaving the park, we went back up in the tower and caught some lovely dusky views of the city. :) 

After that we walked back to a bus stop. Got on a bus and decided to eat at a Mexican place near our hostel called 'Mama's'. 

Though there was an enormous Elvis figure outside, and many Elvis items inside... so I'm pretty sure it was pronounced with Elvis's accent ('mahmaaa' -?). Meaning it's more like 'foxy lady' than 'woman who gave me life'... :) 

The food was pretty mediocre... and considering the quality of Mexican food where we live... it was pretty poor at this restaurant. But the kitschy environment was great!! Something I love in a restaurant. 

The prices were described as cheap, we found them to be pretty average. - but margaritas... am I right...?!

Exhausted from another rough day we tried to plan out the next day's travels before we passed out!

Have you ever been to a niche art museum? Which one? 

How is the quality of Mexican food where you live? 

Missed Victoria, BC - or other days in Seattle? Find them here: ( Days 123,)

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  1. Seattle looks like so much fun!
    Melanie @

  2. Seattle is a place I've always wanted to visit--it looks beautiful! The Japanese garden looks really pretty and I'd love those bookstores I'm sure. Bummer about the Mexican restaurant. Mexican food here in KC is wonderful!!

  3. Oh fun! Seattle is one of my favorite cities, looks like such a great time!

    Pink Wings

  4. Gorgeous pictures. xx

  5. Lol- this sounds exactly like us in Chicago. One night it took us two hours to traverse a mike for pizza! Somehow it made it all better and more memorable!

  6. sorry you didn't have the best day - but the photos are gorgeous, and that bookstore really does look swoon worthy!

  7. Ohmigosh! Seattle is so gorgeous, and you captured it!

  8. Better late than never. Seattle is a wonderful city, isn't it? I love the shots at the Japanese garden.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  9. Thanks Melanie. :) It was kind of a rough trip, but had very good moments and pretty places. XO

  10. I know we are so spoiled! There are a ton of great ones in Lawrence too! :) I hope you make it there. The bookstore was great, and I loved the Japanese garden! Not the kind of thing we usually do on trips, so it was a fun change. XO

  11. Thanks Gina! It was a rough trip, but we had some great moments and saw some pretty things. I think we should go back someday and see if we can have an easier time. :) XO

  12. Haha how funny!! :) Some stories for sure end up being fun to look back on or laugh at at the time! Most of ours wasn't quite that hilarious. It seems better looking back now. I'd like to give it another go someday. :) XO

  13. Thank you Kristen! We definitely learned a lot either way, so that's something.. :) It was a great bookstore. Highly recommend WHEN you go someday. :) XO

  14. Thanks so much Kira! :) We saw so many great things! XO

  15. Thanks Carmen! :) We had kind of a rough trip overall. But I'm glad we got to see so many great things, and we definitely learned a lot. :) The garden was so good for photos!! Thanks for stopping by! XO


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