Thursday, August 13, 2015

3 Shows to Binge Watch Before Season 2 Starts This Fall // TV

Ah, fall TV.

As much as I love to read, (HEY, I've been actually doing it recently!) What I really love is a good story. The nice thing about TV is that there is more time for character and plot development. 

While nothing will ever top Gilmore Girls for me, these are three new shows that I am loving, and got renewed immediately! 

Why not start watching them now, before they start on TV again? Perhaps with your girlfriends and a nice Pimm's Cup or Berry Sangria?

Jane the Virgin - The CW - Premieres Oct. 12th

This show looked cute, but I can honestly say that each episode has had me cracking up. The story follows the life of Jane Villanueva, a hard working and religious college student. She lives with her single mother and her grandmother. The show starts with Jane going in for a routine checkup.... and accidentally being artificially inseminated. What?! Yes, it's really that crazy, but it's so so funny. The family dynamics are sweet, the humor is incredible, and the whole thing is narrated by a telenovella narrator. There is also a lot of mischief happening at the hotel she works in, and her boyfriend just happens to be a policeman investigating it. If you are looking for something that's pretty light, and lots of fun check out this show. Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical for this role. The show itself won Best Television Series Comedy or Musical as well! (also... Britney Spears is guest starring in season 2!)

Younger - TVland (yes really!) - Premieres January 2016?

This show doesn't start again until January (probably), but it is SO good, I just wanted to include it anyhow. Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster (Bunheads) star in this show created by Darren Star who worked on Sex in the City. The story follows 40-year old Liza Miller, who wants to re-join the work force after staying at home with her daughter. She's divorced, her daughter is abroad, and she needs a job. No one will hire her though, because she's older and out of the game. After being mistaken for a 20-something one night in a bar, Liza decides to create a new identity for herself. She gets a job, and struggles to catch up with the times. This is a 30-minute show, in every episode something ridiculous happens, folks this one is sorta-kinda raunchy, think Sex in the City ... but not on HBO. Hilary Duff is really funny, it's good to see her back on TV. The entire first season is currently up on TV Land's website. I would definitely recommend it!

iZombie - The CW - Premieres Oct. 6th

Ok - so I haven't actually watched this yet... sorry sister!.. but I have heard that it's really really good. Even from reviewers and folks who really hate the whole "zombie" thing. My sister loves it, and I'm excited to catch up on it when the first episodes are back online... or I might end up purchasing the first few to catch up with online... The plot follows Liv Moore a medical student in Seattle, who is turned into a zombie one night. In order to eat (brains) and be discreet about it, she takes a job at a morgue. Her boss lets her eat the brains of murderers, upon doing so Liv inherits some of their traits and memories. She then uses that information to solve crimes with the police department. It's a crime show, with a twist, and some humor. It was created by some of the folks involved in Veronica Mars, so you know it has to be good. Bonus: I really love Aly Michalka, who plays Liv's roommate. 

Non-new shows I'm excited for: Reign, The Originals, TVD, catching up on Beauty and the Beast.

All in all I love a good story. It's a bonus if it is funny, and it continues to make me laugh. :) 

What have you guys been watching? What premieres are you excited for?

Anybody else a CW junkie? (raises hand)



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