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Around the World Valentine's Day Dates // 2016

Ah, Valentine's Day... I know some of you hate it, but stick with me here... Even if you aren't into commercialized holidays... who doesn't dream of jetting off somewhere fabulous with your fella, lady, friends... etc.?!?

While we can't always jet off somewhere exotic... we can usually get our hands on a good movie.

I have put together a few little movie night / themed dinner pairings that are perfect for a laid back date any night of the year, including (but not limited to) Feb. 14th. This would be great for Galentines as well!

These movies should be rent-able if not on Netflix/Amazon Prime. Much of the food can be found at World Market or the like. Pinterest is obviously a treasure trove of recipes for those who like to cook... I've linked some recipes into this post. Not your thing? Take out, my friends. Take out!

My Movie Coding:

RomCom = RC, Drama = D, Classic = C, Foreign = F, Period Drama = PD, Action = A, Mini Series = MS, Quirky/Indie = Q, Musical = M, Animated = AN.

* denotes a personal favorite of mine (and/or mine & KC's)


Music: Why not queue up some Celtic Woman or an Irish themed playlist?
Dinner: Shepard's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef and Cabbage
Movies: Leap Year (RC), The Quiet Man (C), with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, or Tristan and Isolde (D) or Ondine (D).
Dessert: Bailey's Blondies or Irish Apple Cake.
Breakfast: Bailey's Spiked French Toast + Irish Coffee...?

It's actually a leap year this year... so you could always save that one for the end of the month. :)


Music: A French soundtrack,
Dinner: Quiche and a salad.
Movies: Amelie (F), Chocolat (PD + Johnny Depp!), & French Kiss* (RC).
Dessert: Chocolates, macarons, pastries, coffee or champagne.
Breakfast: A croissant with berry jam, and cafe au lait.


Music: Your favorite band from "across the pond."
Dinner: Fish and chipsMushy Peas, Meat Pies...
Movies: Anything ala Jane Austen (PD) will do, or if you're looking for something more modern, pick up the hysterical Bridget Jones's Diary (RC), Notting Hill (RC), Love Actually(RC/D), The Holiday (RC)... For something kind of quirky, check out About Time (Q/D).
Dessert: "Biscuits" (cookies!) and tea, Eton Mess (pudding/trifle!)
Breakfast: A full English breakfast! Or maybe just scones and tea...?


Dinner: Hummus, falafel, gyros, olives.... salad, lentil soup, kebabs...
Movies: Troy (PD/A + Brad Pitt anyone?), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (RC), or another Nia Vardalos flick My Life in Ruins (RC)
Dessert: Baklava and Turkish coffee for dessert... ? Yes, please!


Ok... this one is a tad skimpy... but I just love this movie called Danny Deckchair* (that's a lawn chair for you Americans!) It's a really great RomCom.... funny and sweet. You should rent it, right now! I have no idea what a good Australian dish would be (Kristen?) .... but in the movie they have a "Pancake Brekkie"... so, you know, just make pancakes. Breakfast for dinner for the win! It's like dinner and dessert all at once! #winning If you wanted to... you could totally listen to Vance Joy. Just sayin'.


Ah, Canada! I love Canada!

Dinner: Poutine. What is it? French fries, with curds of cheese, and brown gravy on top. It sounds kind of strange... but it's like melty cheesy nachos.... Does that even make sense? Just say yes.
Movies: What If (Q/RC + Daniel Radcliffe)! Upon googling... this one also looks good (RC). Or you could always go with Anne of Green Gables (C/PD).
Dessert: Maple Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting, Beaver Tails (Fried flat donuts topped with your choice of topping).

New York City

Music: Sinatra
Dinner: hot dogs with your favorite toppings or New York style pizza
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's (C/D?), Cruel Intentions (D), a few '90's favorites: One Fine Day (RC), Sleepless in Seattle (RC), and You've Got Mail (RC), West Side Story (M), When Harry Met Sally (RC)....... There are just TONS of movies that take place in New York!
Dessert: A black and white cookie (THIS RECIPE IS SO GOOD!) or New York style cheesecake.


Dinner: Stroganoff , Piroshki (meat pies), Chicken Pelmeni (dumplings).
Movies: Dr. Zhigavo (C/PD - BBC / 1960's), Anna Karenina (C/PD - 2012 - Kiera Knightly / 1948 - Vivienne Leigh, 1938 - Greta Garbo), War and Peace (C/PD - 2016 Mini Series - Lily James, 1958 - Audrey Hepburn), Anastasia* (AN).
Dessert: Apple Sharlotka (fluffy apple cake), or Pryoniki (honey spice cookies).

Multiple Destinations:

Where: England, Africa, China, The U.S.
Dinner: African Sweet Potato Stew, Take out Chinese.... eggs and toast... (really anything here..)
Movie: Hector and the Search for Happiness (Q/C) - I loved this book, the movie was good too. It's sort of a fun adventure.

There you have it, some fun little ideas for your Valentine's day plans, or perhaps a different date night this year. :)

**Please do IMDB before watching ... I don't want you getting something super sad if that's not what you're into! :)**

What are you guys planning for the weekend? Anything fun?

What are your favorite kind of dates? (year round!)

Anyone else LOOOVE French Kiss?! (see below)



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