Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Birthday KC!

Today, KC is 25.

I typically.. do kind of a mushy... bday post... (like this one). So let's mix it up. (though the mushiness is still true!).

12 Things You Didn't Know About KC

1) He was corn for Halloween as a baby. (his mom made the costume!)
2) He loves to play racquetball.
3) He has beautiful green eyes.
4) People who observe him outside of social situations think that he's very serious. That cracks me up.
5) He makes puns and dad jokes like they're going out of style.
6) He has a crap-ton of awesome mixes on spotify, which he dubs, "KC's Masterpiece (vol. #)" LOL, like the bbq sauce. (see #5)
7) Speaking of bbq sauce... He loves bbq sauce. Seriously, he gets sad when we travel and restaurants don't have bbq sauce.
8) He'll read a book I like, if I really want him to. He usually enjoys them.
9) He's into the "nerdy" stuff. He plays MTG and he DMs. (& he's good at it) He did a "home brew" D&D character guide, and put it up on a site, he's made like $400 off of it. It's insane.
10) He loves pets and kids. He's totally down to hold babies, and play with dogs when we visit people who have babies, dogs, or both. :)
11) He makes a mean margarita. Yum.
12) He's extremely selfless.

There you have it folks. KC in a nutshell.

We're midway through "bday week"... I'll post about it after! :)

I hope you have your favorite year yet my love!



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