Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two Months In // 2016 Goal Progress

In order to keep up with my goals for 2016 a little better, I have been trying to do monthly mini goals. :) See my 2016 goals here

Goals for February:

1) Try 5 New Recipes

Check! We actually tried 7! 2 cake recipes from Cake Magic (review here), for our Gilmore Girls nights. Each cake is 3 recipes (cake, syrup, frosting), even with overlap between the cakes (both had chocolate frosting!), 5 of the new recipes, were just cake related! hehe We also made an Irish Beef stew... YUM. With soda bread (not a new recipe). Lastly, I made vanilla extract. It will be ready in a month of two and it was the easiest!! See the tutorial here!

2) Read 5 Books

So close! I read 3 books in February (post coming soon!) and I finished one more on March 1. I am going to say that's pretty much 4.... hehe It was a busy month, not a ton of time for reading, but overall, I still manage to keep making some time for it, and pushing through starting books I think I might not like. It's a good challenge, because it's showing me I can indeed finish books that I'm not sure about... and usually like them quite a bit! :) With January's reads... I'm still above schedule on my goal for the year!

3) Plan a Pre-San Francisco Trip

Well you guys, we totally did most of this a few days before we left for Houston/Galveston... and we definitely did some of it while we were there/on the road. It worked out just fine, and it was son nice to get away. Full posts coming soon, but read the recap here.

4) Get Valentine's & Birthday Ideas for KC

We basically decided not to do Valentine's gifts, but just hang out together. It was great! I have a TON of ideas for KC's bday week... and I am super psyched to start that soon!! :)

5) Send A Secret Project to My Family in AZ - I promise to share later!
It is all ready.... I just need to take photos and get that sucker in the mail box! :)

6) Buy More Bras
Hmmm I only ended up buying 1 instead of 2... so I guess it still counts. I will make sure to buy two in March! :) For what it's worth I LOVE it! :)

7) Send Mom's Birthday Gift
Check! KU apparel for the AZ dweller! :) My dad also had this really pretty turquoise cuff bracelet made for her. It was made using a piece of turquoise that he bought in the '80's. Super cool. She looooved it!

8) Get Supplies for the Modern Calligraphy Summit

Nope, not even a little. I guess I'm lying. I did buy a watercolor kit. I definitely need to start working on the summit videos... because I was on our trip for most of it... I haven't really started. But I'm super excited about it!

9) Plan 1 Date with KC

I have planned a ton of trip and Bday stuff. So those would count. But I also think that going to Vance Joy and Elle King and getting burgers beforehand totally counts... even if we had the tickets way in advance, so there wasn't really "planning perse" involved.

10) Clean the Coat Closet
Nope. Not even a little. Carrying this one over to March.

11) Get an Oil Diffuser
Haha ... also nope.

12) De-Clutter! 

YAY! I did this! I tried on most of everything in my closet (still a little left) and got rid of a bunch, and learned that some things I thought did not fit... DID FIT! YAY! I also cleaned out some paper work and bags of miscellany. Lastly, a few teeny jobs, but cleaned out my bathroom drawer and jewelry box! I already took the stuff to donate too! Woohoo! Going to continue on this in March too!

13) Do Yoga/Dance/Work Out 10 SOLID Times
Fail, fail, fail. On the plus side... KC and I had 22+ hours in the car to discuss life... and we both are so ready to adopt some new workout habits... as in, looking into fun things like rock wall climbing, kayaking, racquet ball, boxing, etc. Super jazzed. I think that may have been the biggest set back that it's not fun or accountability motivating right now to do a yoga DVD we've done 1 million times before. I think trying new things... will definitely help! We'll see how it goes! (on the plus side, we've definitely been eating at home more, and eating better more as well! So that's great!!)

Completed: 7/13 - still not too bad! It was a busy month!!

March Goals:

1) Plan San Francisco Trip
2) Try 2 New Workout Methods (See #13 above)
3) Read 5 Books
4) Try 5 New Recipes
5) Buy 2 Bras
6) Do Modern Calligraphy Summit Lessons
7) Plan 1 Date Night with KC
8) KC Bday Week Prep
9) Clean Out Car (post road trip... ew!)
10) Clean Coat Closet (leftover from Feb!)
11) Read at Least 1 Book from Netgalley Shelf
12) Buy Limo Studios Light from Amazon
13) Write and Post Florida Posts (you know that was only July... *facepalm*)

What have you guys been up to in February? Did you meet any of your goals? 

What do you have planned for March?

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