Monday, December 19, 2016

The Edge of Seventeen // Indie Movie Night

Hello! I hope that you all had a great weekend! Ours was pretty productive and relaxed!

It's been a while since I have posted a movie review... as in ... like once per year... maybe... (?) but here we go!

Have you seen previews for Edge of Seventeen?

It's been compared to Clueless and Mean Girls (possibly The Breakfast Club... for those of us who remember that one ... which I say being a child of the '90's...) Well, I thought it looked kind of funny... and we felt like going to a movie... and it apparently had/s a 94%  on Rotten Tomatoes. Wow. That's pretty good.

Anyhow, we bought tickets, and I am really glad that we went! The movie has a lot of heart, it seems "real" enough without being too depressing, or being over-the-top... and it's funny! I was really pleased with it actually!

The movie follows Darlene, a 17 year old girl with exactly one friend, a mom who loves her brother most, and her brother is Mr. Popular. When her best friend starts dating her brother... her world is turned upside down. (This doesn't sound earth shattering... ) Along the way she learns a lot about herself, she grows a lot, and makes at least one new friend.

Ok, this still doesn't sound earth shattering... but I promise, it's really good!

If you're in the mood for a coming of age movie, and want something that's rated R without being overly raunchy or violent (but still seems real)... this could be the movie for you.

Woody Harrelson plays one of Darlene's teachers, and he is just hilarious and sarcastic. I loved her interactions with him.

I also really loved Erwin, this extremely socially awkward character. He was so funny! I read an article about the actor and how he was excited to have a bigger part as a male lead being Asian. That doesn't happen a lot in the entertainment industry, so that was pretty cool! Not something I think about a ton, but I should! I always like diversity in actors and characters, and I support efforts to see bigger roles filled by minority actors of all kinds! His was such an enjoyable character in this movie, and he played the part really well. I hope to see him in more films in the future!

I would say as far as teen indie movies go... this one is a more accurate picture of what it's like. It's not rose colored, it's not TEEN PARTY MOVIE, it's just what it is. I found that pretty refreshing and real. Again, I didn't feel like I was watching a movie for teens. I also loved that the characters were so quirky! :)

Has anyone else seen this? Or is anyone else thinking about seeing this?

Other movies we've seen recently(ish)... that I did not post about....:

Bridget Jones's Baby - HILARIOUS!!
Magnificent Seven - Chris Pratt... though... he's not the most convincing cowboy (not cowboy movie connoisseur...)
Edward Scissorhands (on the big screen) - *sobs* so good!
Dr. Strange - was worried (American accent... mustache....) ... but kind of loved it!! (not usually a super hero movie person!)
Saved (on the big screen) - just as relevant/hilarious as ever (if not more)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - GO SEE IT NOW! SO SO SO SO GOOD!!
Moana - Lovely animation! Cute! :)

Other Indie Movie Night Posts: About Time, Wish I Was Here, and What If (< a KC fave).

Have you seen any good movies lately?



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