Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life Changes... We're Moving! // Here We Go 2017!

So... things are still brewing, and if I'm being honest, getting worse... :(

BUT... we are still focusing on what we can do, change, and ways to stress less on our own.

Which brings me to some big decisions for me and KC. After a long time deliberating (and honestly not considering it for a while...) we've decided to move in with KC's parents. Sorry if the title is misleading. We're not moving anywhere exotic. haha

They offered quite a while ago, and we had no intention of taking them up on it. But the bottom line is, with all of the stress and chaos going on right now, I'd like to be closer to having our own little haven... which we do not right now.

By moving in with them we will be able to save (at least) twice as quickly, and then possibly be able to buy a home! We've been decided on it for a little more than a week, and we are moving fast. We've already moved almost all of my books over there, I've packed up my hanging clothes, and purged a lot of very old things! My in-laws have already blocked off a doorway to create our "apartment" on the lower level of their home, and things are being moved and painted, packed, and stored. I'm feeling really good about the progress, and our current goal is to be out by the end of the month. #ambitious


We will actually have MORE space than we do in our current apartment, but we'll have to share a kitchen and venture up a level for our showers. That's something I can live with for a while. Meal prep might be tricky, but I am sure we can figure it out.

Because of all of this, some of my other goals might temporarily suffer, but I think it will be worth it. All that being said, we are over our yoga goal for both weeks in January so far! So that's good!

We also downloaded this app that my (banker!) sister recommended, called "You Need a Budget". She's been able to save loads by using it, and so we are giving it a try too! It's $60 per year, but if we can save even half of what my sister did... it will be WELL worth it! I'm hoping that we can be ULTRA frugal these next few months, and be mega homebodies so we can make progress even more quickly!

Anyhow, making changes feels good, I know that this is something that we can do, a change we can make, progress we can monitor and see. Which feels really good when there are so many things we CAN'T control.

It's hard to say for sure how long we will be with my in-laws. It will be influenced a lot by how much we are able to save extra, by being super thrifty... and the house market, etc. once we are "ready" to look. Lots of factors here! If I'm being ambitious... I'd like to get out by October.... but that may not be realistic down the line. All the same, I hope we can continue to be ambitious and make progress.

This idea was definitely at least partially influenced by Kristen and (her) KC's big change/move. I wanted to do it then... but needed a kick in the pants from life. TAKE IT BACK, LIFE. TAKE IT BACK! :P

What are you guys up to?!

What are your top budgeting strategies?!??!?!

Any super cheap meals that you love? Meal prep strategies?!

Send me your links ladies!



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