Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Can We Talk About Baz Luhrmann Movies?

Le sigh. Baz Luhrmann creates the most visually stunning movies.

They aren't for everyone, sure... but goodness are the expertly done.

The costumes!

Feathers? Yes! Sequins? Yes! Beads? Fringe? Yes and Yes! Over the top? Always!

The music!

Great singing, great dancing, great soundtracks!

The sets!

So elaborate! Candles? 10,000. Flowers? Thousands. Lanterns? More than 10,000 please. Rooms? Luxurious.

The parties!

Confetti! Glitter! Music! Drinks! Dancing! Merriment! "Take off your hats!"

The terrific humor!

Nicole Kidman! Shirtless Hugh Jackman! Awkward Paul Rudd in spaceman's suit!

The drama!

Death, love, tragedy, these movies have it all folks!

I love it all. :) & I grew up watching the first two over and over in high school.

Romeo + Juliet (1996):

Highlights: Young Leo & Claire Danes. Ugly Crying. The post-ball pool scene. The nanny. Anytime Tybalt or Mercutio does something ridiculous! The modern day ('90's...) adaptation of the classic.

Moulin Rouge (2001): 

Highlights: Nicole Kidman's hilarious elephant scene, Elephant Love Medley... the tango... all of it?! Any time Ewan McGregor sings...

Australia (2008):

Highlights: Australian history, outback setting, civil rights, Hugh Jackman water scene. Makes me LOL every time! :P

Image result for Australia movie

Image result for Australia movie

Image result for Australia movie

The Great Gatsby (2013):

Highlights: The scene with all the orchids, any of the party scenes... the soundtrack. Leo again...

I haven't seen Strictly Ballroom yet... but otherwise I'm totally ready for new movies. Please, Baz. Please! :)

What do you think, do you love any of these?

What are your favorite movies from high school or college?



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