Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Daily Routine 2016 (pre-move) // I HATE MOVING

Hi guys,

I am still moving and I have nothing nice to say about it.


I read Heather's post about her daily routine yesterday, and somehow I've never read one of these before. I liked it, and thought... why not write my own?

Here we go:

5:30 AM - KC's alarm goes off, Scalawag meows incessantly until KC gets up.

5:30 - 6:00 AM - KC showers, wakes up, looks at phone, etc. etc.

6:00 AM - I "wake up". I scroll through phone, fall asleep again, etc. until I can actually get out of bed. Recently (not moving... ) KC turns on our yoga DVD, and I can hear the menu music from the next room and stumble through the house (GRUMPY!), but we do 20 minutes of yoga. I expect this to resume once our floor is not COMPLETELY filled with boxes/we aren't moving for a workout everyday. ha

6:00 AM - 6:45 AM - KC is a dreamboat and scoops the cat boxes, feeds/waters the kittens, If we are "on it" enough to have leftovers or groceries for lunch/breakfast, he packs those things for work. Usually leftovers for lunch, and a whole wheat english muffin each + cut fruit for breakfasts.

6:45 AM - I'm lucky if I'm dressed and partially makeuped at this point. Luckily, I have a fab 5 min face routine... and so, I'm usually ready to go by 7. I also do my hair, find shoes, etc. and give the cats treats before we go.

7:00 AM - We leave the house together. We work in the same center and share a car.. so carpooling, yay. :) We chat or listen to our local alternative station on our drive.

7:15 AM - We get to a local grocery store and grab two small campfire mochas (pictured is a medium, because on Thursdays you get to upgrade for free!) at the Caribou Coffee (cold months), or two iced coffee drinks (non-fat, no whip iced mocha for me, salted caramel iced mocha for KC) (warm months). I often stay in the car for this bit of time. Sometimes I'll grab something from the grocery store or return library books in the drop if we need to multi-task.

7:25 AM - I get dropped off at work and KC either picks up breakfast or comes in as well. When I get to work early enough, I will sometimes read a little at my desk as my computer boots up and emails start popping up.

7:30 AM - I am officially on the clock. I respond to emails that need responses, I often go through my planner and update it/at least look at it first thing in the morning.

7:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Working. I work in a center for standardized testing. We write those state-mandated tests. I have moved around in what I've done here off and on quite a bit. I started here in undergrad... so over 7 years I've done a lot. I am currently the assistant to our new director. I really like working for him, he's new, but immediately seemed to care about figuring out what's going on here, and the satisfaction of the folks who work here. #needed

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - KC and I eat lunch. If we've got something packed we will eat in a conference room, or in a lobby. We chat, etc. If we don't we'll go out and grab lunch. We're pretty close to downtown, so lots of good lunch options around. We also often run errands during lunch. We hit the bank, post office, library, or printer's anytime we need to.

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM - More work. My day consists mostly of administrative duties. Phone calls, calendar management, event planning, invoices, etc. It's usually pretty standard.

4:30 PM - We leave work together, and stop for any groceries we need on the way home, or sometimes run other errands. We often check the mail for exciting things like cards from friends, magazines, or packages.

5:00 PM - We are home and are either eating or cooking... because we're always hungry early! We feed the cats when we eat as well.

5:00 PM - 10:00/10:30 PM - This time is pretty variable. We always have plans on Wednesday nights, so we'd be gone on a Wednesday. But we usually spend our evenings doing chores, running errands, working on projects (often with New Girl or Parks and Rec. on in the background). watching movies or shows together, playing board games (a lot of Carcassone and Scrabble recently), sometimes reading, but I usually do most of my reading when KC isn't home. It depends on if KC is really into a book or not. We play with our cats too... but I mean... they're cats... and often disinterested in us.

10:30 PM - ? - I'm a child, and I never want to go to bed, I want to "stay up and play" ... so this time is pretty variable as well. I do the night time hygiene routine (three part face wash, brushing and flossing, feeding cats, etc.). I hop into bed and usually do some extra lotion on my hands, fill the humidifier (WINTER AIR MAKES MY HEAD HURT!), and put on lip balm.

That's all folks!

Riveting, I'm sure. But that's what we do! :)

What's your daily routine?

Are your pets affectionate?

Do you tend to spend your downtime doing things with your significant other, family, or roommate... or doing your own things separately?

Are you a homebody, or always wanting to go out?



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