Monday, February 27, 2017

Mini Mini Travel Scrap Album // California Coast // DIY Gifts

Happy Monday friends! I hope that you all had a great weekend! Here the weather was a little cooler... but still very warm for this time of year, and KC and I were productive! We've also been binge-ing Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries... so that's been good! :)

I wanted to share a video of a gift scrap album I made for my friend Mariana for Christmas. If you've seen my PL album videos, you'll notice that this one is a bit different! This does not have any page protectors, binders, covers, etc. It is truly made from scraps!

This type of album is quick and easy to make (from your scraps! very little supplies needed!) and makes a great, heart-felt gift!

Check out my video to see the flip through and the details of each page!


Jump Rings (I used 1-inch silver)
Hole Punch
Scraps of paper, PL cards, stickers, washi tape, etc. that fall in your color range
Photos (I used 6 4x6 photos, and 4 3x4 photos)


1) Print your photos and gather your supplies. I went through my stash and chose scraps of paper, cards, stickers, washi tape, etc. that fell into a teal, turquoise, white, and silver color scheme. That way everything matched well enough right off the bat. - it's a small album, you want it to look like it goes together.

2) Start playing around with the order you want to include the pictures, and how they fit onto papers and cards to make the shape of your pages and book. You can see that I used mostly horizontal rectangular shapes for my book. They are not all exactly the same size, but close enough that it flows well.

3) Once you have an order for your pictures and pages, go ahead and adhere those together. (remember to leave a side open if you want to make a pocket for a tag or more photos!) Paste down the photos and any pages back to back that need stuck together. (if you do some of this as you go, that's fine. You can also work page-by-page and re-order as needed!)

4) Add journalling, tape, tags, stickers, etc. to make it a little more personalized. Try to stick with similar elements throughout the book. I used a lot of glitter stickers and white alphas which helped it look more consistent throughout.

5) Once you have completed your pages and order, line them up how you like, and punch the holes. Then add the jump rings and you are done!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and flip through!

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Happy Documenting!



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