Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 Travel Goals

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday! (I hope that you had a lovely Valentine's day if you enjoy such things, if not I hope that you had a lovely Tuesday!)

This year is kind of an odd one. Obviously things were off with a bang, and we've since moved into my in-laws house for part of the year to save for a home. We usually travel 4-6 times in a year, but this year it will be a bit different. We'll be traveling less to save more money, but I hope to still fit in a few little getaways.

Here's what we have planned:

NOLA (take 3)

If you read this blog... you probably know that my love for NOLA knows no bounds. So we were jazzed (har) when our friends Brittany and Tyler suggested a trip there (after all 4 of us deliberating and changing our minds on where we should go... heheh). Warm and lively NOLA sounded like just the ticket for the spring. I can't wait to 1) travel with them, they're so much fun, and good friends even since they're move to Boston! and 2) visit NOLA again! Of course!

This time I hope to do a jazz brunch, see some old favorites, visit the Frenchman night market, and catch some live music. :)

See NOLA Trip 1 and NOLA Trip 2.

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We're so excited to be headed to NYC this fall! We've never been, and are so excited to see what the city has to offer! I'm admittedly not a lover of BIG cities, but I am hoping to love NYC anyhow. We don't even have our flight booked, but I cannot wait!

We bought tickets to see Anastasia on broadway! YAYAYAYAY! - a childhood favorite comes to life! I would like to see at least one more show too... but there are so many options and it's a bit too far out right now to see tickets. I definitely want to hit the Met! But it is overwhelmingly huge! I'd love to do a food tour, and hit a lot of bookstores too. I'm sure we'll do the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, even though we are not usually fans of touristy stops. :) If you've been I'd love to see your posts and hear you favorites and recommendations!

What I hope to slip in... if I'm sneaky and extra budgety.... 

Short Summer road trip.... 

We have three weddings this summer, and two are huge! My SIL's and one of my BFF's. This will be awesome, but I am sure that we will want a bit of a unwind afterward. I'm hoping that we can take a quick road trip in late July or sometime in August. I'd love to visit the great lakes again, or maybe go down to Gulf Shores, AL. I've never been to Alabama!

Geeky Tag-along Trip

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KC is into MTG, and sometimes he and his guy friends like to travel for tournaments. There are some fun locations this year... so if it works out... I'd love to tag along (perhaps with some of the other ladies...) if it works out. If not, that's ok too... but I'd be really excited to go. Portland... I have my eye on you!

Further into the Future!
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Before the move and the big plans we had hoped to go to Europe or possibly Taiwan this year... along with a few US trips... so we'll see how things go post 2017.

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But I'm always excited to see what will happen! I'd love to visit at least one of these places in 2018! :)

What are your travel plans this year?

Have you been to any of these places? If so, I'd love your recommendations!



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