Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Live Your Best (Holiday) Life w/ Shea Lennon

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am super jazzed about today's post!!! :) Shea from Shea Lennon and I are collaborating to bring you guys a fun way to keep it sane during the holidays! 

Living Your Best Life for Less (LYBLFL):

Back in April, Shea and her husband came up with a plan to buckle down with their budget. They knew that they needed to make spending cuts, but wanted to make it inspiring along the way. She called it “Live Your Best Life for Less” or “LYBLFL”.  I LOVED her idea, she made a calendar that was filled with easy prompts that kept them on track. Ideas like color combos for shopping her own closet, as well as recipe ideas. Even fun activities to do at home or as a family that were easy on the wallet. All while maintaining a sense of creativity and fun. I was impressed and tagged along on quite a few occasions.

When we met up in July, that was one of the first things I wanted to tell her, what a brilliant idea!

As the holidays inch closer, I think a lot of us are in a state of “OH MY GOSH, HOW CAN I GET THINGS UNDER CONTROL?! HOW CAN I KEEP FROM LOSING MY MIND THIS YEAR?!” As much as the holidays are filled with fun, love, and great memories, they hold their fair share of stresses too.

Living Your Best (Holiday) Life For Less:

Shea and I decided to collaborate on this new calendar which we are calling “Live Your Best Holiday Life” or “LYBHolidayL”. We’ve spent some time brainstorming ideas to help get organized, practice self care, foster quality family time, and stay on budget this season. We’re also including a lot of ways that you can focus on gratitude and giving back.

We would love for you to join us as we go along. Feel free to participate on any day that you feel drawn to the prompt. We’ll put this image on Instagram (please follow us! :) @simplyalexandra12 - @shealennon) and post weekly about the prompts and how we plan to implement them within our own weeks on our blogs. If you’d like to tag along, please let us know by tagging us, and use the hashtag #LYBHolidayL !

What do you guys think?!

How do you keep calm and organized during the hectic holiday seasons?



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