Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our Go-To Easy Chicken Stir Fry // Nom Nom

I try to share our recipes from time-to-time in this space. Especially when I find a quick and easy recipe that we make on repeat. This is our go-to stir fry. It was shared by a friend in our college hall's cookbook, and we love it! Guys, I'm serious, this is the easiest thing, EVER.

Here we go!


1 lb chicken breasts (you could definitely sub tofu or another meat here)
12-15 oz mixed frozen veggies (we just use the whole package)
1/2 cup Asian toasted sesame salad dressing (Kraft, or knock off) - get the low sugar version.
2 T. soy sauce
1/4 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes

Add for Serving:

Cooked Rice
Chow mien noodles & chopped dry roasted peanuts

1) Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and saute over medium high heat until cooked through (about 6-8 min). Meanwhile, cook rice according to package directions. Mix dressing, soy sauce, and spices together.

2) Add vegetables and sauce to chicken. Cook for until veggies are tender.

3) When rice is finished serve a bit of rice onto each plate and top with the chicken stir fry mixture. Finish the plates with chow mien noodles and/or chopped dry roasted peanuts.


This meal makes about 4-6 servings for KC and I. We often make it just to have for lunches during a busy week. Super easy and reheats well, just wait to add the noodles and peanuts!

There you have a super easy go-to recipe from KC and I's kitchen.

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What are some of your go-tos? I'd love the recipes!



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