Monday, October 2, 2017

Sh*t KC Says // Vol. II

Happy Monday from NYC! I hope that you had a great weekend! :) 

A lot of people do a "Sh*t my Significant Other Says" posts... well I'm too lazy to write it down... but here I've been trying to keep track since January. Everyone thinks KC is super serious.. .but he's actually hilarious. And not normally that serious at all. Lucky to be with someone who makes me laugh! Here's Vol. I.

Here we go!


Me: "how did you sleep last night?"
KC: "I think I slept pretty soundly... though I did have kind of a crazy dream... Ser Davos may have been there."

*taking literal any chance to make a dad joke...* (he's just joking, he's a foodie, and he'll love them)

"Polish food tastes like socks. More like P-U-rogies. Ick!"

*while looking at crazy knife at trashy rest stop on road trip..."

Me: "Is it just me or does this look kinda phallic?"
KC: "It does say "The Devil's Wang" on the tag.
Me: "It does not!!!" *looks* *slaps him on the arm* "Oh my god you totally got me."

^yep, you're reading that right, this thing is $129.99^

"Russian sounds hard. But Maybe it's nyet."

Me: "You like gnocchi don't you?"
KC: "Yes"
Me: "I didn't like it, maybe I should try it again..."
KC: *super proud of himself* "You never gnocchi!"

KC: "A new game I like to play is something I like to call "Spatial Awareness Chicken".
Me: "oh?"
KC: "Yeah. Like when you're walking and someone is completely oblivious to other people, just run into them."

*thoughts on books*

KC: "Firefly in your ointment?"

^that's actually pretty close. :P^

Hope someone makes you laugh this week!

Check out Vol. I of Sh*t KC Says.



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