Thursday, February 28, 2019

Blogging Seasons + Bloggy Friends

Hello Friends!

I had (the worst) work event this week, and it is over, and I am now v. happy! :) :)

I was reading Steph's post on how Blogging is Like Dating, and I was sitting there nodding my head! "Yes, this is so true!" (not that I have dating experience. LOL!) Anyhow, it got me reflecting on my time blogging, and especially the last year. (I'll keep it short!)

The Beginning:

baby alexandra ;) 

In college I felt like I was inspired by so many things and really wanted to get them out into the world, but also wanted to remember things that were going on in my life. I wanted mood boards + digital documenting. NO ONE read my blog. I didn't really care, because I was enjoying recording things and putting my thoughts out there. On the off chance that someone did read my blog, I was elated. When a travel review or recipe I posted sat well with someone or helped them, I felt like I was flying!

The Middle:

I've said a million times, but when I joined The Literary Ladies book club discussion for a few books and a challenge it brought me back to reading, but it also gave me so many blog friends. I was so grateful, I felt like blogging was finally whole. I wasn't just recording my life, I was sharing it with others, and sharing other people's lives too. I was so happy for the runners beating their records, the ladies having their babies, readers who enjoyed the same books as me, and the ones with the coolest outfits or best recipes. I love the social aspect of blogging. And I agree with Steph: I enjoyed reading about ladies who had lives similar to mine (twenty-ish, bookish, travel lover, etc.), but also ladies who had different lives than me! I loved reading about people who travel full time, people with families, people who have hobbies that I don't share.


Partially due to anxiety, and mostly due to purchasing and working on our home, I didn't blog a lot last year. I managed to (usually....) post for the linkups I was involved in, or post something when the inspiration struck, OR if I felt like I *needed* to, but it wasn't a good blogging year for me. I didn't have time, I didn't always have the interest, and I just kind of went with the feeling of the "season".


This year I finally feel like I have the time and interest to blog again. I may not be blogging a lot. I may not be reading or commenting a lot. But I am getting there. I've posted outside of a few linkups, I genuinely want to know what everyone is up to (which never went away last year, btw -- but thank god for Instagram! Amiright?!).

On Occasion I've Been Able To Meet Up With You In Person:

Kira was the first bloggy/online friend I met in person!

Meeting up with Gina in San Francisco.
Meeting up with Shea, a fellow Kansas blogger!
Meeting up with Kasi in NYC.
I got to meet up with Kira (who isn't online right now) several times! :)
Dinner with Dani in NYC.
TL;DR - So basically, I just wanted to say thank you to all of my bloggy friends. Whether we've known each other for years, or we're new acquaintances. Whether you stop by every time I post or once a month. Whether I've met you in person or only online. I appreciate all of you, and I appreciate you so much for not just "breaking up" with me when I had a bad bloggy year!

I'm so looking forward to blogging more, and keeping up with you guys more! And still on Instagram too! :) 

What do you think? How do you feel about blogging and relationships with other bloggers?

Have you ever had a bad blogging season?



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