Thursday, March 7, 2019

Happy Birthday KC! // 2019

Today is KC's birthday! He is turning 28, and we're in full swing of "bday week". :) :) If you're new here, and wondering why we do a WHOLE week... check out the bottom of this post!

Here Are 12 Things You Didn't Know About KC:

1) His hair is currently longer than mine. (read about the man bun saga, here)
2) One of his fave meals is buffalo chicken mac and cheese
3) As a kid/tween his favorite movie was The Matrix, but he hadn't seen it in at least 10 years until last night. :)
4) He has a kick ass 90s pop playlist, which you can find here. (Spotify)
5) He loves his flannel plaid and buffalo check shirts. And his hiking boots. Seriously, I have to hide them in the summer so he won't heat exhaust.
6) He's soooo laid back and that helps keep me calm.
7) He's very good at story telling and world building. He brings D&D sessions to life.
8) He's not a big drinker, but loves a good coffee/milk stout. (Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout is his fave)
9) He started baking bread this year! (Catch the action videos on Instagram Stories from time to time)
10) He often thinks about wing suits.
11) He loves The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings movies.
12) I asked him to read the Lunar Chronicles and he did. hehe (he liked them)

Why We Do A Bday Week for KC:

KC is absolutely the sweetest most selfless human I've ever met. I'm not saying that because he's my husband, I'm saying it because it's true. He'll do things he doesn't want to do when he really doesn't have to. He puts me, his family, his friends, and many others before himself nearly all of the time. He spoils me every day just by being with me. He gives his time and service without thinking. Because he so rarely asks for anything, or to do anything just for himself... I like to make a big deal out of his birthday. It's the only time when I can truly spoil him. I don't expect to make up for it, because he'll keep on being his selfless self... but I like to show him how much I appreciate him once per year. 

Bday week started back in 2012 after we got married. Each day I do something fun for him. It might be a gift, it might be an activity, a meal, etc. It's quite often something that's just his favorite. For example, we go to his favorite restaurants that I don't LOVE. One year I gave him a new board game almost every day. It just depends on the year. :) Some years are "better" than others based on time available, budget, etc. but I do my best to make each bday week enjoyable for him. Last year was pretty epically bad.. you know because my parents got divorced ON his bday... and that whole saga was super stressful anyhow... so this year I'm hoping that he really really really enjoys himself!

Anyhow, happy birthday my love! I'm so excited to spend another great year with you. I hope that this year is your favorite year yet!



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