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Snapshots of NYC // Day 3 // The Brooklyn Bridge and Anastasia on Broadway // October 2017

In the fall of 2017 we took a trip to NYC. We had never been, and honestly had more fun than we were expecting to! I'm finally getting my act together and getting these posted! :) If you missed my post with Days 1 & 2, check it out here.

On day 3 we spent a chunk of our day walking the Brooklyn Bridge, eating pizza, and taking a nap before my favorite dinner in the city... and Anastasia on Broadway. I think Day #3 was by far my favorite!

you can see the statue of liberty out there!

Eat: We tended to eat several partial meals from time to time... It was a little sporadic!
  • Juliana's Pizza (Brooklyn) - We wanted someplace not too far from exiting the Brooklyn Bridge, and Juliana's was just the ticket. I knew Taza had recommended it, so I figured it was a good recommendation! We loved our Margarita Pizza and the atmosphere was very cute. If you enjoy wood/coal fired style pizza, you'll like Juliana's!
  • Milk Bar (Nolita) - I wanted to try the social media famous Milk Bar. We were checking out a few places in Nolita, so this location was convenient for us. I'm going to be honest and say we didn't love it! The crack pie was suuuper sweet, and the compost cookie didn't have a lot of texture. It's like they ground up all of the "composty" items and tried to make a smoother cookie. Bummer, but oh well!
  • City Kitchen (Times Square) - This was hands down my favorite place that we ate in the city. It is basically a food court, but with legit local vendors. Places like Kuro-Obi (of Ippudo fame), Dough Donuts, and Luke's Lobster Rolls. They have seven diverse places to choose from, in an area that is a little bit of a foodie desert. I'll take it. I got the ramen. SO GOOD. I think my first legit ramen! KC got the combo plate with mini lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls. He's a major seafood fan and this spurred his now love of lobster rolls. He's obsessed. The view from the bar at the window was lovely. Pretty city lights! We decided to go here because it was the most interesting place near where Anastasia on broadway was playing. NO REGRETS... other than we were too full to try a donut at Dough!
See: Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and DUMBO. 

Shop: I made it my personal mission to explore tons of book shops while in NYC. I'm sure you are shocked. Here are the ones we saw on day 3. I'll have to do a round up post in the end when I finish. 
  • None... but just wait for Day 5!
Do: while walking around the city itself is PLENTY to do, we did see some other great places as well!
  • The Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn) - The bridge is beautiful and it is a nice way to see some great views of the city. This whole thing is going to be filled with tourists, and if you're like me... it will be fairly stressful to walk on. You're supposed to stay in certain lanes for runners/bikers... but it is nearly impossible.
    • Tips: 
      • Pull off to the side when you can, every once in a while there is a corner. It will give you a chance to get out of the crowd for a second or two.
      • Offer to take a photo for someone and they will likely offer back. :) 
  • DUMBO (Brooklyn) - This stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. You've likely seen people taking photos here on Instagram. The view is a very cool section of the Manhattan Bridge between buildings. As with most of the places we visited on this day of our trip, it was PACKED with tourists trying to get their shot in. Not an issue, but something to be aware of.
  • Anastasia On Broadway - as I type this, Anastasia is no longer playing in NYC. *sniffle* However, it is touring the country... and we recently saw it in KC and it was still very fun. I would recommend it. Seeing a broadway show is kind of a "must do" while in NYC, and I am so glad that we saw this one. Here more about my experience at the show, here

Stay: We stayed at Pod 51 hotel. It was very economical!!! It's bare bones, but very clean and in a safe area. Just make sure to check what type of room they are reserving. They do have shared rooms and shared bathroom situations.

Favorites: Pizza at Juliana's, The View from the Brooklyn Bridge, CITY KITCHEN, and Anastasia on Broadway.

New Experiences: *coal* fired pizza, legit ramen, lobster/shrimp/crab rolls, a bridge that is the attraction, a Broadway show, and Milk Bar.

Have you been to NYC? 
What were some of your favorite things to do? 

Have you been to any of these places? 

Do you have any fun trips coming up?! We are heading to Memphis soon, and then somewhere really exciting in December! Any guesses?!

Other NYC Posts: Days 1 & 2, and Anastasia on Broadway.

More NYC travel day posts coming soon!

Happy Travels!



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