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Top 12 Recipes of 2012 {out of 100!} + 3 Runner's Up!

When I set the goal to try 100 new recipes in 2012, I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking... or if I thought I would make it. But somehow, I did. And I really enjoyed {most of} the process. I found a lot of recipes that I can have ready to go when I make my menus! I got to try a lot of fun new things and to be honest not too terribly many of them turned out to be bad! :)

So in December, I thought it would be fun to go through and pick my favorites and then share them with you! There were so many to choose from! I loved many of them and a lot were good enough to repeat even though they did not make this list.. In order to narrow enough I did not include recipes that I had tasted before even if I had never MADE them myself. If I had.. Spritz Cookies for sure would have made the list! :)  

Here we go! {in no particular order}

Garlic-y, basil-y, fresh and delicious! Fairly healthy and filled to the brim with ingredients I love!

Super fresh! Really healthy but flavorful! I was surprised by how great this recipe was! I say, wait and make it when you've got yummy fresh tomatoes! :)

 This was what I tried for national pie day 2012! It ended up being really great and work the {minimal} extra effort to make it from scratch!

 I love granola, and I really wanted to find a recipe I liked! I got lucky on my 2nd try! This stuff is heavenly! Its like a cookie in your cereal bowl! It made the house smell heavenly! Make this right now.. and make it monthly!

 This meal was so flavorful! I loved the spice of the peppers and the freshness of real Parmesan. This was easy and really cheap for a fish dish! I highly recommend this recipe!

Oh my goodness I love cajun food! I've even started putting cajun seasoning in our scrambled eggs! This recipe was easy and super delicious. It is way more exciting than any of the usual styles of food we choose from. This meal makes me want to head south to New Orleans the first chance I get! :)

This meal is straight comfort food! It was surprisingly easy and extremely tasty! Don't be intimidated! It is worth it and really not that hard! 

Pioneer Woman is a genius. I know I say this a lot.. but for very good reason. This recipe was so fantastic. The flavors were things that I never would have picked to go together and it got me really excited about trying crazier recipes and mixing in my own ideas to recipes I found. Taking a chance in the kitchen can be very rewarding!

I love how simple this recipe is, but it has this crazy combination of flavors. It has the tang from the Dijon, the sweetness of the brown sugar and it is very hearty! I made this again this week because it is just that easy! Note: don't be alarmed by the initial amount of spinach! It looks like a ton when it goes in.. but it cooks down and isn't overwhelming at all!

Oh my Lord.. this recipe turned me into a cheesecake lover! It was insanely rich! Seriously guys, small slices and lots of sharing! But it was heavenly. You won't believe that you could make something that tastes so good!

This has become my go-to dessert. It's warm, bubbly, fruity and not too sweet. It is great with ice cream and just about everyone loves it!

I cannot actually explain how much I love this french toast. So I won't try.

Runners Up:
Perfect for fall, easy as can be, unusual flavor... such a great meal.

I figured that this recipe would be pretty bland since I hadn't really tried many soup recipes.. but it wasn't! The sharp cheddar was just the ticket! Perfect for a super chilly day!

These are so easy and tasty! They are great for busy nights when you just want to whip up something really easy but satisfying. I recommend you work this into your monthly menus! This one is really kid friendly!

 What were your favorite recipes of 2012? Send them my way! Which of mine did you like the best?

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