Monday, May 19, 2014

First Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival! // Hometown Happenings

When I first saw the flyer for the Kansas Food Truck Festival (KSFTF) I instantly reached for my phone to photograph the flyer (yes that is how I remember things)... it was not in my pocket, but luckily I saw it again before we missed the event all-together. #rare

I mean, food trucks, food carts, food stands... often have the very best, most legitimate, creative & cost friendly food around. We always notice this especially when we travel! So I knew we had to check this out!

The event was held by Just Food, a local food bank, in order to raise money and food goods for the spring and summer. (Seriously, food banks struggle so much in the summer! Consider donating to yours!) I thought that the combo of food trucks & giving back was WAY too good to pass up... so we posted on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to come with us. Our lovely friends Lauren & Michael said yes, and the four of us set off to brave the crowds and conquer the food trucks.

We arrived at the event around 6 PM and there were crazy lines to get in as well as to all of the food trucks. Once we all found each other we purchased drink tickets and got our 'yes we're over 21' wristbands, before deciding on a line to wait in. We chose the Mexican option first, Indios Carbonsitos. We began waiting in the long and windy line and it started to sprinkle. Oh, Kansas. You and your spring weather... It kept up for about ten minutes before it started to rain a little harder. We were not giving up our spots, and honestly not afraid of a little rain. Ten minutes later the rain was mostly past, and it was actually a pleasant temperature outside!

About 40 minutes after we had started in the line we made it up to the truck to order. I ordered the chicken option (forgive me, it's so hard to remember what everything was called!), so did Kyle and Michael (along with churros (of course!) and Lauren opted for the shrimp. We learned that the food wait would be another 30 minutes, so Lauren and I headed over to order some cocktails from the elusive yet amazing Artillery Bar.

The stand was just a bar and a tent, but it looked so cool. The bar was made out of some very interesting wood, just really gorgeous. The bartenders were amazingly cool yet very approachable, she had the most beautiful dress! They were offering 3 different drinks at $7 each; The Forager's Punch, Ragtime Whiskey & Tudor's Something.. ? I opted for the Forager's punch (citrus-y with cava & vodka, topped with beautiful little flowers), Lauren got the Tudor's mystery drink (ginger-y with peppercorn and all sorts of other interesting ingredients) and we ordered the Ragtime Whiskey for Michael (small batch homemade rootbeer with some really nice whiskey). All of the drinks were beautiful and so tasty. It turned out that Michael was not the biggest rootbeer fan so KC ended up with about half of the Ragtime Whiskey which is right up his alley. I looked up the Artillery Bar when I got home and couldn't find anything aside from the fact that their FB event for the KSFTF said that it was their 'spring preview' hoping to get more info on this soon! I'm not a huge night life person, but I would definitely go to this bar just to see what kind of inventive cocktails were being served up! How gorgeous is this drink?!?

Once we made it back to the food truck line, we decided to wait for the food while KC & Michael headed over to the BBQ truck. Lauren & I made it to a table with all of our food & drinks without dropping anything and the guys followed closely behind with the BBQ. 

We started eating and decided that everything was delicious. 

Lauren tried the shrimp option... which looked amazing. Seriously... if I get the chance I am ordering this next time! :)

You just can't go wrong with KC BBQ or legitimate churros!

Michael had never had one.... crazy.

I think we all had the desire to try something from every truck... but with the lines & our full bellies it just wasn't in the cards. Sorry Kabobs & other trucks... we'll catch you next time!

There were so many people. kids, babies, dogs, live music, amazing food and drink. Overall the event was a blast. I think that the organizers were so overwhelmed with the amount of people that showed up and gave to make this event a success. In the future I am sure that they will expand the event area and host a lot more food trucks! So excited to make this annual thing if possible! Added Later: They did! See my post about The Second Annual KSFTF! :) 

Micheal brought up the fact that there is another one in Westport in July.... so we just might have to make that happen too! :)

It also makes me want to buy this for my birthday!

Have you ever been to a food truck festival?

What is the best food truck you've ever eaten at?

Thank you for reading! 111,000 + views! I'm amazed and SO grateful!




  1. What a great idea - such yummy food, and all for a good cause! I'm lucky to work close to Borough Market in London, which has an assortment of delish street food every day. When (yes, WHEN! :D) you come to London you should definitely stop off there x

    1. Emily, SOUNDS PERFECT! It's always so wonderful to know these things in advance! I've got little files growing with pictures and documents and articles about various things to do on future trips! I'll have to add this to the London one. :) XO

  2. Oh my gosh! You always have the best food posts!! haha
    Looks like a blast!

    1. Food is an important part of my day and my travels! haha... all the better if it's beautiful food, no?


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