Sunday, May 11, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers // Ladyface Inspired

Happy May Everyone!

I guess I forgot to say that in the last few posts. I hope that everyone is having a lovely spring so far!

As I have mentioned Kansas has flown straight to summer... it's been in the high 80's- low 90's pretty consistently. Sigh. 

This is an outfit that I put together for a spring birthday party. We were going to wish KC's little second cousin a happy 1st (and Golden!) birthday and I wanted something sweet and simple. 

As soon as I put it on I instantly felt like lovely Becca over at Ladyface blog! This is sort of her signature look.. and it is so great on her! I think I kinda pulled it off here...? 

The best part is that both the top and the skirt are from Goodwill & in great condition! 

Blouse: Ann Taylor via Goodwill, $4!
Skirt: H&M via Goodwill, $5!
Flats: Payless, $15 - BOGO Price

Outfit Total: $24!

I hit the jackpot one day in February at our local Goodwill and ended up with 4 Skirts, 2 Dresses, 2 Cardigans and 3 Blouses that I love and fit well. I have very few skirts and dresses in my wardrobe these days, so it was awesome to find so many pieces for spring and summer at such a low price! The skirt from my last fashion post, here is also from this haul as well as this dress! :)

Have you found any amazing deals this spring? I would love to hear about them! 




  1. I love this outfit! And the little gift. :) You're such a cutie. :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! I am sort of a washi tape addict... #craftygirlprobs ? :)


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