Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014!

This summer is kind of an odd one for us. We have both resigned from our teaching (subbing for me) jobs and are moving on to new things this summer. However, we have the month of June off before we begin working in July. Sadly, because of this change in income, we will have delayed checks for our summer work. This means, no June getaways, or July getaways, or August getaways. We also have some very dear friends moving across the country. They will be sorely missed. Because of all of this I'm kind of bummed about our summer. 

Sure a lot of great things are happening; new jobs with both higher pay and lower stress, a month at home to relax after a hard school year..., our cat has been spayed, we've decided not to move apartments... all of these things are very, very good. 

But I'm still feeling a little underwhelmed with the lack of fun plans and trips right now. So I am making this bucket list this summer in the hopes that it helps me focus on doing exciting and new things... even when we are staying close to home.

So here you have it, the ultimate bucket list for making the most of our summer at home! 

No really guys, I am going to be optimistic on this one... !

1) Try Russian Food (part of a 2014 goal)
2) Travel (even if that just means in Kansas City)
3) Do lots of Yoga, Dancing etc. 
4) Organize Photos on My Computer (it's a mess...)
5) Watch Roman Holiday
6) Get some hot curlers
7) Get some plants for inside & on balcony
8) Try Tortas Jaliscos 
9) Organize Pinterest boards into sub groups
10) Try Caribbean food
11) Open & Put Items in my Etsy store
12) Read! Participate in summer reading program?
13) Paint tiny canvasses (Also a 2014 goal)
14) Major organization and cleaning of bedroom & closet (already started! whoop!)
15) Get furniture onto our balcony, make it a place we want to spend time!
16) Go to the Basil Leaf Cafe
17) Find a red lip color that I like
18) Go to the original Arthur Bryant's in KC
19) Try Alchemy Coffee
20) Shampoo carpets (practically a party animal you guys..)
21) Watch the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
22) Go to Juice Stop
23) Go bowling
24) Go to free/cheap Buzz concerts
25) Eat at Terrebonne
26) Watch Space Jam with Kyle
27) Get sno cones at Tad's Tropical Sno
28) Try Limestone Pizza
29) Enjoy my birthday
30) Try out our complex's pool
31) Go thrifting (a lot) 
32) Try a new board game
33) Make two new pies 
34) Do something unexpected
35) Plan trip for the fall
36) Make lots of Pimm's Cups! (already making good headway on this... ;) ) 
37) Use that darn sewing machine! (Finally!?) 
38) Go to one bigger flea market in Kansas (KC, Lawrence, Troy...) 
39) Work on Travel Scrapbook
40) Go to the drive in
41) Make & drink Sangria
42) Host a super-fab bachelorette party for my sister
43) Make & Eat S'mores! (as much as possible!)
44) Go to a Sporting KC game, or at least buy tickets for a fall game
45) Go to Westport Food Truck Festival
46) Finish Veronica Mars series & movie
47) Upcycle some of my thrifted finds that I have good intentions for.. :) 
48) write at least 15 blog posts!
49) Have people over (more than 3 people), at least twice
50) Have fun.

See lists from 2012 & 2013, here & here!

The reviews and other goal posts can be found here.

What do you all have planned for the summer?!

What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope that whether you are spending the whole few months backpacking across Europe or enjoying your hometown you are able to make the most of it! 

Happy Summer! 



  1. Sounds like a fun summer! You should definitely participate in the summer reading program at your library!

    1. I think it will be fun. I almost did last year but got so busy that I only read a few books.. so it wasn't worth it. Maybe this will be the summer! :) Thank you for stopping by! -Alexandra

  2. This is such a great way to make the most of your summer!

    1. Thanks Lauren. It keeps me thinking about what I want to do rather than settling in front of the TV or computer. It's better to have an idea so I can get out there and make memories. :) Thanks for reading! -Alexandra

  3. I LOVE this idea - just goes to show you don't need to spend huge amounts of money and travel thousands of miles to have fun and experience what the world has to offer! :) Good luck with your list!

    As for my summer, I hope to pass all my exams, spend more time with friends and keep on trying out new types of tea...

    1. Emily, thanks for reading. I've found that making these lists really helps me to get more out of my seasons and years. That way I achieve more. Even if they aren't things on the list. It just helps me to be more open to things to do. That's a good list as well. I hope that the exams come easily and that you are able to enjoy the rest of your time in the summer! :) -Alexandra

  4. I love this!! Such a fun list, you are inspiring me to make my own ;)

    1. So glad Sarah! I really do think it helps me to do more and different things...even when they aren't the ones from my list. It just keeps my brain open. ;) Good luck with yours, I would love to read it! :) -Alexandra

  5. Love this idea! Like Sarah said, I think I'll make my own!! :)

    1. Do it! I would love to read it! :) Glad you liked the list. -Alexandra

  6. I love your summer list. I'm Russian so we should get together so I could make you some pelmeni - so delicious!

    xx Sonya - blog about a Russian girl living in Oregon, USA, with a passion for photography, traveling and exploring

    1. That sounds awesome Sonya! Wish we lived close so I could! Maybe you could send a recipe?!? :) Thank you for reading! -Alexandra

  7. Ha ha - I JUST got addicted to Veronica Mars last week, and I'm already halfway done Season 1 (curses Netflix!! Now I get nothing done during the day!) I didn't know there was a movie - you just made my day!

    1. It's really a great show! We actually finished it and the movie last week! :) The movie was good but I wanted it to be more detailed ... you know like more seasons of the show.. :) But oh well. Glad you are excited for it! :) -Alexandra


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