Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(More) DIY Grad Gift Ideas!

Hi everyone! It's graduation season again! My previous DIY Grad Gift post (here) has been really popular on Pinterest and so I thought I would put together another one with a recent gift that I made for my sweet cousin, Whitney! :)

She is gradating from high school, got to speak at her ceremony, and is going on to an awesome private college. I'm so proud of her! And goodness how cute is she with her boyfriend?!?!

For her gift, I wanted to combine two gifts from my previous post; to give her both dorm and backpack type essentials. So here we go!

First I found this great Cynthia Rowley laundry bag at TJMaxx. I chose a laundry bag because they are so much easier and more comfortable to carry than a laundry basket. Plus they are cute!  Then I picked the items to go inside of it. And lastly, I labeled them by number and wrote a corresponding note to explain my picks. 

The items inside:

Thank you notes, via TJMaxx
EOS (eco friendly!) lip balm, via Target
Stamps - for mailing friends at other schools and family.
Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Candy, via Target
Mini First Aid Kit, via Target (travel toiletry area)
Anastasia on DVD, Target or Walmart - for bonding with other girls on her floor.
Non-School Notebook / Journal (Eco friendly!), via TJMaxx - for tracking goals, making lists, writing quotes... all of the fun things.
Cute Post its, in various sizes, via TJMaxx
Personalized note

You can obviously tailor these items to your graduates needs, interests and based on your budget. I tried to pick things I knew I used a lot, or helped me accomplish things like keeping track of non-school goals and bonding with other girls living in my building.

Other Great Ideas:

Gift cards to local restaurants or coffee shops
A body pillow
Picture frames with photos
Flip flops- for the shower
Anything to make a dorm room homey! (rugs, throw pillows, throw blankets, lamps...)

Of course you should ALWAYS include a gift receipt (if you know the person really well, at least let them know that the items are easily exchangeable or returnable!). You never know when someone has had their eye on the perfect laundry bag or already has Anastasia. :) 

Again, to look at the first post click here

What are some of your favorite graduation gifts to receive or give?

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